Top 10 Flowers For Romantic Weddings In Singapore

It’s happening – you’re getting married! You’ve been dreaming about this day for a very long time and should be absolutely perfect. You’ve almost all the details planned. You’ve booked the event space, caterer, photographer . . . but what about the flowers?

As every flower has a unique meaning associated with it, that makes the choice of wedding blooms all the more important. And, especially if your wedding is going to be in sunny Singapore, you’ll want hardy flowers that won’t wilt before your celebration is over.

Let get clued in to the secret language of the following wedding floral stars in Singapore!

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1. Peony

In Chinese, the word for peony translates into “most beautiful,” and with good reason. Lush  ruffles and a sumptuous array of colors make this beautiful flower a popular choice for many occasions.

Peonies charm their admirers in a resplendent palette of pink, white or creamy pink, yellow and red. And like most charmers, these flowers are an eloquent lot, speaking a different language depending on their colors. Pink peonies symbolize romantic love and a happy marriage, making them one of the It flowers at weddings here. Lighter colored peonies represent bashfulness, while red ones typify prosperity, honor, respect and wealth. With such a lot of happy and blissful associations, why not experiment with the peony on your special day?

Burgundy peonies are available in November and December, but the others bloom between late spring and early summer and peak in June. Peonies require little care and can stay beautiful for up to two weeks.

Peony Wedding Singapore - AspirantSG
Photo from Ireland’s Wedding Journal

2. Cymbidium Orchid

Orchids come in enchanting hues – romantic pink, fiery red, buttery yellow, royal blue, elegant purple, innocent white, cheerful orange and lush green.

Look at how expressive the colours of the orchid can be: Pink – Pure affection, grace, innocence and joy | Red – Passion, desire, and strength | Yellow – Friendship and new beginnings | Blue – these are rare, so they symbolize rarity | Purple – royalty and admiration | White – innocence, purity, beauty, and elegance | Orange –  enthusiasm | Green – good health and fortune

Beneath their colorful, delicate exteriors, orchids are actually tough cookies. They are long lasting and can survive and bloom in any weather and condition, making it an apt symbol of enduring love. With so many laudable qualities, how about including Singapore’s national flower, the striking blue-purple Vanda Miss Joaquim in your entourage of wedding flowers?

Cymbidium Orchid Wedding Flowers - AspirantSG
Photo from Exquisite Designs

3. Aster

These daisy-like flowers are symbols of love and come in dazzling red, pink, purple, blue and white colors, complemented by yellow hearts. For many centuries, Asters are thought to possess the power of attracting affection, they’re superb for surrounding the happy couple in marital bliss on their big day. Asters also personify trust, friendship and patience, making it a flower with wonderful connotations for newly-weds who are embarking on a fresh chapter in life .

Always a winsome beauty in a mixed bouquet or on its own, Asters are easy to care for and thrive in hot weather.

Aster For Weddings - AspirantSG

4. Roses

Meet the queen of love and romance. She has the knack for expressing the whole gamut of poetic nuances in enchanting wedding.

Here’s the meaning behind the colour of roses: White – commonly used in weddings, symbolize young love, new beginnings, and innocence | Red – ultimate symbol of love, typifies passion and a love stronger than thorns | Orange – enthusiasm and passion | Pink – lighter pinks represent grace and admiration, darker pinks mean gratitude and appreciation | Yellow – friendship and joy

If you’re giving a bouquet of multi-hued roses, note that the colors take on a different meaning. Red and white together proclaim unity while red and orange speak of happiness. Roses are tolerant flowers that bloom throughout the year. Garden spray roses, especially, handle heat very well.

Red Roses for Valentine's Day - AspirantSG

5. Freesia

Freesias are often seen in wedding bouquets and centerpieces because of their dainty appearance and lovely fragrance. With white, yellow, red, pink, and purple blooms available, they spruce up a room or bouquet immediately. Consider adding a flourish of pretty white freesias at your wedding as they’re symbols of innocence and purity.

Don’t be fooled by the delicate look of the freesia. Its resilient survival instinct lets it last up to 10 days and remain strong under long exposure to heat – another practical reason to pick some freesias for your big day in tropical Singapore.

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Photo from Heather Hartley

6. Gladiolus

If you’re infatuated with someone who has strength of character, integrity, loyalty, and have finally mustered up enough courage to confess, presenting a bouquet of gladioli may be the best way to say it all.

Red gladioli mean love and passion; pink ones represent femininity; white ones say purity; yellow ones epitomize compassion; purple ones suggest mysterious allure and grace. Pick the color that expresses your feelings most aptly. Who knows, you might be off to something wonderful because of the eloquent gladiolus!

Being sun worshippers blooming in summer, gladioli remain pretty and vibrant under the heat. This robust streak may make them just the kind of flowers you need for your wedding in sweltering Lion City.

White Gladiolus For Weddings - AspirantSG
Photo from Karen Tran Florals

7. Mini Calla Lily

Let these cute little trumpets amplify your bliss on your special day! Blooming in white, red, pink, yellow and orange, mini calla lilies come in such a glorious array of colors that you’ll definitely find the ones to complement your wedding theme.

Blooming in spring through summer, mini calla lilies are not only long-lasting, they’re also adorably-sized for matching boutonnieres and corsages.

Mini Calla Lily Weddings - AspirantSG

8. Sunflower

Big and bold, sunflowers usher joy into almost any room. Named after their love for following the direction of the sun when growing, these yellow little suns radiate adoration, faithfulness and dedicated love.

They are in season in April through November, peaking in June through August. As they flourish under the sun, incorporating them into your wedding in sun-kissed Singapore is effortless. When trimmed, they stay in bloom for about ten days.

Given their varying sizes, with some towering magnificently12 feet tall while others stay more accessible at five feet in height, the ways sunflowers can transform your dream wedding is only limited by your imagination!

Sunflower for Valentine's Day - AspirantSG

9. Dahlia

Choosing the dahlia as your wedding flower is like having a rainbow at your disposal. Available in a myriad of fantastical colors, the beautifully patterned dahlias are radiant in white, orange, yellow, pink, purple and red. For every once-in-a-lifetime wedding, there’s a dahlia to complete it. As dahlias also convey feelings of commitment, they’re often the flower of choice at  engagement parties.

Marvelously named “Queen of the Autumn Garden”, they bloom in summer and reign through fall.

Dahlia Wedding Flowers - AspirantSG

10. Carnation

While carnations are often thought to be cheap alternatives for other flowers, this shouldn’t stop you from letting these beautiful flowers shine at your wedding party. This flower of love comes in captivating shades of red, pink, white, yellow, purple or striped.

It pays to choose the colors of your carnations carefully though: Red – hopeless love | Pink – unforgettable love | White – pure love | Yellow – disappointment | Purple – unpredictability | Striped – regret

For a joyous occasion like a wedding, it’s wise to stay away from the foreboding yellow, red and striped carnations. Carnations are always in season and can hold their shape well under the sun, they make splendid wedding flowers in Singapore!

Carnations Bouquet For Valentine's Day - AspirantSG

We hope our recommendations of the Top 10 Flowers For Romantic Weddings In Singapore. Please share with us your favourite flowers or a different flowers you have used in your weddings to help brides-to-be make their decisions.

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