Japan Rail Cafe Curates A Tokyo Summer Park At Tanjong Pagar Centre

Japan Rail Cafe will be curating a special summer event titled Tokyo Summer Park from 27 to 30 June 2018. The event will take place at the Urban Park, a sheltered event area outside the travel-themed café located on level 1 of Tanjong Pagar Centre. With its mission to promote Japan to Singapore travellers, Japan Rail Cafe serves as a one-stop service outlet that offers the latest Japanese products as well as convenient rail ticketing service for Japan rail passes. The cafe also functions as a platform to share some of the lesser-known travel destinations in Japan through regular events varying from small-scale instore to wider ones like the upcoming “Tokyo Summer Park”.


Tokyo Summer Park – Experience Summer like a Tokyoite

To provide a refreshing experience for Singaporeans apart from the usual festive “Matsuri” where traditional contents would typically take place, “Tokyo Summer Park” focuses on the modern part of Japan which is best represented by the urban lifestyle of a Tokyoite. Bringing local Japan lovers closer to the daily lives of Tokyoites, “Tokyo Summer Park” presents a series of programmes alongside tasty Japanese street food by various Japanese vendors and Kirin’s special Frozen Beer!

Tokyo Summer Park Programme Highlights – Beer Yoga & DJ Night Music

One of the event highlights to be featured at “Tokyo Summer Park” is beer yoga, combining Japanese’s favourite drink and one of the top popular sports at the same time. You can pre-register online to join in a paid beer yoga session offered by local fitness studio Trim Fitness on either 27 or 30 June 2018.

From 8pm to 10pm daily, you can also enjoy a different list of themed music arranged by Japanese DJ SHIN. Japanese entertainment company Amuse Entertainment will also be forming a stage segment on 30th June in conjunction with their upcoming event “Japan Park Singapore 2018” in August at Suntec City.

Tokyo Summer Park Menu Highlights – Frozen Beer & Japanese Street Food

Recreating the common sight of rooftop beer gardens that can be found in Tokyo during summer, “Tokyo Summer Park” will serve beer and various street foods like mini burgers, fried skewers “Kushikatsu” and pan-fried dumplings “gyoza” that are known to be great pairings with beer for Japanese people! Beer to be served would not be the usual beer; Kirin will be serving frozen beer that has a cold frosty foam on top to keep the beer cold for a longer time especially at outdoor events. Visitors can look forward to chilling out at the space with food, music and beer every evening during the four-day event.

The list of vendors and sponsors are as follows (accurate as of release date but may subject to changes).

Tokyo Summer Park Food & Beverages

  1. HARITTS (Donuts from Tokyo)
  2. HATTENDO (Fried skewers “Kushikatsu”, lemon cider)
  3. JAPAN RAIL CAFE (mini burgers, poutine fries, sparkling drinks)
  4. KAGOME (seasonal Japanese fruit juices)
  5. KEISUKE GYOZA KING (pan-fried dumplings “gyoza”, tendon special box & more)
  6. KIRIN BEER (Kirin Ichiban frozen beer with frozen whipped foam)
  7. OKADA COFFEE (Japanese sandwiches,  curry rice & assorted desserts)
  8. SAMURICE (fried chicken chunks “Karaage”, onigiri, dango)

Tokyo Summer Park Retail & Promotions

  1. AMUSE ENTERTAINMENT (stage programme on 30th June)
  2. NTU Japanese Appreciation Club (retail sales)
  3. OISHII JAPAN (sampling & sale of fermented rice drink “Amazake”)
  4. TAIMATSU SINGAPORE (sampling & sale of plum wine “Umeshu”)

Tokyo Summer Park Event Sponsors:

  1. CANON (Photo booth)
  2. GOOD JOBS CREATION (Publicity booth)
  3. T’s TanTan by JR East Tokyo Branch (Sampling of vegan ramen)

Through various events promoting Japan and her culture, JAPAN RAIL CAFE aims to contribute to creating mutual, cultural inspirations between Singapore and Japan by establishing its role as a “platform for real Japan, platform for real communication”. To find out more about Tokyo Summer Park, click here to visit the event page!

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