[Sponsored Video] Tiger Beer presents Tiger #Uncage – Unleash your Pride!

The Tiger Beer we all love is calling for all Singaporeans to go ‘Uncage’ this National Day! The movement calls for Singaporeans to forge their own paths and break free from conformity. ’Uncage’ is all about having the courage to look at things afresh, to follow your instincts and live on your own terms. As we celebrate our nation’s 49th birthday, let us unleash our pride and show the world what we can achieve together as a country!

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In the run up to National Day, Tiger Beer collaborated with Singapore’s own Tree Potatoes. The Tree Potatoes is a popular YouTube comedy channel run by the core team, consisting of Aaron Khoo, Elliot Tan, and Janice Chiang. Since their kick-start half a year ago, Tree Potatoes has quickly become one of the Top 3 YouTube channels in Singapore.

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To them being Uncaged means “stepping out of your comfort zone to pursue what you love. The video is funny, and takes us through the quirky habits of Singaporeans- the tiny little things we do, that bind us together.

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The video highlights our traits like the fact that we are always in a hurry, enjoy our daily meals in the hawker centre, call people by their rank even outside camp, can recognise the horn of the newspaper uncle, complain about the Singapore weather and yet defend it before foreigners, and so on! ”. See how the trio has gone from amateur comedians to YouTube stars, and check out their video tribute on truly Singaporean ways to unleash your pride.

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Enjoy your National Day 2014!

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