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MILO Limited-edition Collectibles Celebrates ‘The People of MILO’

To celebrate the love and support from MILO® fans over the past 73 years, MILO® Singapore launched the limited-edition ‘People of MILO®’ collectibles series. Say hello to MILO® Bro, MILO® Teen, MILO® Uncle, MILO® Dino, and of course, the iconic MILO® Van! 

The ‘People of MILO®’ collectibles reflect the different personalities of MILO® fans in Singapore. Regardless of how one is energised by MILO® and expresses their love for the drink, there is a ‘People of MILO®’ collectible that represents everyone. Some of us might see ourselves as MILO® Bro, whose determination drives him towards every goal. Others might resonate with the MILO® Teen or MILO® Dino, who enjoy their favourite cups of MILO® in nutritious and fun ways.

In the heartlands, one might find the MILO® Uncle hard at work, as he serves nutritious cups of MILO® to his customers. One might also catch a glimpse of the MILO® Van making its rounds in the neighbourhood, bringing joy to crowds at sporting events, schools and more.

Chow Phee Chat, Nestlé Singapore and Malaysia’s Head of Communications & Marketing Services, shared, “What sparked this ‘People of MILO®’ idea was our encounters with many MILO® fans. Whether it is among friends or family, Singaporeans celebrate MILO® in multiple ways – from hosting MILO® themed parties, to some who have even gotten MILO® tattoos. Through each collectible, we seek to represent the different archetypes of MILO® fans who are all around us and share how MILO® is intimately part of our Singaporean way of life.”

Whether you relate to MILO® Bro, MILO® Uncle or other characters, you can get your hands on all 5 ‘People of MILO®’ collectibles by purchasing MILO® 3-in-1 (16 sachets) and MILO® Gao Siew Dai (Less Sugar) (13 sachets) promotion packs in stores from 18th September 2023. Each promotion pack includes one randomised collectible, while stocks last.* Promotion mechanics on e-commerce platforms may differ, terms and conditions apply.

In addition to the ‘People of MILO®’ collectibles series, MILO® is also offering fans a chance to be sponsored with a year’s supply of FREE MILO®^.

To stand a chance to win, simply follow these steps:

1. Purchase a participating MILO® promotion pack to redeem a randomised ‘People of MILO®’ collectible

2. Post a picture with your collectible and a cup of your favourite MILO® on Facebook, Instagram or TikTok and show how you resemble one of the ‘People of MILO®’ Tag @MILOSingapore and use the hashtag #SponsorMeMILOSG

The contest is valid from 18th September 2023 to 31st October 2023, or until all winners have been identified (whichever is earlier, terms and conditions apply).

All MILO® Singapore recipes are lower in sugar with Nutri-Grade B. It is a Healthier Choice beverage enriched with essential minerals and nutrients, giving Singaporeans the ‘Energy to Go Further’. MILO® 3-in-1 provides great taste with the perfect balance of maltiness, milkiness and cocoa. Also, MILO® 3-in-1 uses skimmed milk powder instead of full cream milk or creamer so you can enjoy your MILO® knowing that it is low in fat too. MILO® Gao Siew Dai offers the familiar and rich flavour of MILO® with 50% less added table sugar and more protein. Richer in flavour and less sweet in taste, MILO® Gao Siew Dai fuels you with energy to conquer each day.

Find out more about the ‘People of MILO®’: For more information, visit MILO®’s FacebookInstagram and TikTok pages. 

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