Tap Water Alternatives For Cooking

Tap water comes from various resources: groundwater, rivers or lakes. Our drinking water is divided into two sources, where the water comes from: groundwater (deep and artesian wells) or surface water which includes rivers or lakes. Usually, the water flows from intake points to a treatment plant, and then to the storage tank. Afterwards, the water we get flows to our houses through various systems of pipes. Most of our drinking tap water comes to our houses then the process of disinfection is done.

The disinfection destroys bacteria, parasites and harmful organisms from the water we drink. On the other hand, there are other different types of water, which we can drink and use for cooking – most of the types include distillation process, filtered and mineral water.

Distilled water

One of the most popular types of water, which can be used for cooking is distilled water. Through the process of distillation, most of electrolytes, minerals or metals are removed. To specify, this type of water is a well-cooled and collected water vapour. The water is returned to its liquid state then the vapour is collected and cooled from the boiling water. Distilled water is purified and does not contain any harmful organisms. Also, it is significant that it does not have useful nutrients as well. So, it is important to add minerals that are essential for your body while eating more vegetables, fruits and other type of nutritious food.

Source for more information: https://www.waterontop.com/ 

Filtered water

Filtered water is also widely used in the cooking sphere. Usually, filtered water is found in various food shops, especially grocery stores.  Most of the times filtered water in gained through the carbon filters and it is typically sourced from municipal tap water. Through the process of filtration such substances as chlorine, suspended solids, iron or manganese is removed. Usually, after the filtering process the water is bottled. If you are filtering the water yourself, you can use glasses, glass bottles or even plastic vessels for the water. Using filtration method in your house it is essential to purchase a filtration system that attaches to the tap and install carbon filter under the sink. This equipment will help you to use clean filtered water for cooking.

Source for more information: https://recipes.howstuffworks.com/filtered-water-safer-than-tap-water2.htm

Mineral water

Mineral water is usually pulled from a mineral spring. Such type of water has many health benefits to your body. The body cannot create minerals on its own so the type of this water helps to get all of the minerals that are essential for you.  For instance, such substances as potassium, calcium, magnesium are gained from the mineral spring. On the other hand, mineral water can be the cost. Many of the minerals that are mentioned above could be gained from a varied and healthy diet as well.

Source for more information: https://www.food.gov.uk/document/guidance-on-natural-mineral-water-spring-water-and-bottled-drinking-water-regulations-in-wales-and-northern-ireland


In conclusion, there are a few types of alternatives that can be used instead of tap water. Some types are mentioned above – distilled, filtered and mineral water. Distilled and filtered types of water do not contain a lot of harmful or dangerous substances that can be found in the tap water. It is important to have a balanced diet if you choose such alternatives because these types of water do not contain a lot of useful minerals as well. The third option is mineral water, which has loads of nutritious elements but is really cost comparing with the tap water. Thus, it important to assume all the alternatives and choose your own preference.

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