Sweet Indulgence @HarbourCity Hong Kong Chocolate Trail 2015

Chocolate lovers can look forward to pure indulgence at Harbour City Hong Kong’s sixth annual “Chocolate Trail 2015”. The five-week long mega event will see Hong Kong’s largest and most diverse shopping destination transform into a “ChocoLand”, offering visitors a unique “Bean-To-Bar” journey to deepen their appreciation of how premium chocolate is produced and how to attain maximum chocolate tasting pleasure. I am extremely honoured to be invited to experience the entire Chocolate Trail experience that the amazing folks at Harbour City has put together for chocolate lovers from all around the world.

Harbour City Chocolate Trail 2015 - AspirantSG

Highlights Of Chocolate Trail 2015

1. Welcome To The Chocolate Factory

This is the best time to imagine yourself as the kid ‘Charlie’ in Roald Dahl’s well-loved novel ‘Charlie & The Chocolate Factory’! Harbour City has transformed its interior into an artsy “Chocolate Factory” that will take visitors of all ages on an interactive step-by-step “Bean-to-Bar” journey where they can experience the full chocolate production process – from planting a cocoa tree, fermentation and drying, roasting to

Bean To Bar Chocolate Making Process Harbour City Hong Kong Chocolate Trail 2015 - AspirantSG

cracking, moulding and finally packaging for consumers.

Final Process Of Chocolate Factory Harbour City Chocolate Trail - AspirantSG

The “Chocolate Factory” will be located at the Atrium II and the Gateway Arcade, and will incorporate an interactive Chocolate Experience Gallery as well as a ChocoVan Café for visitors to sample a wide range of premium chocolate.

Chocolate Van At Harbour City Hong Kong Chocolate Trail - AspirantSG

Hong Kong Largest In-Store Selection Of Premium Chocolate

With 17 existing branded chocolate stores within its premise, Harbour City is well-poised with Hong Kong’s largest selection of premium chocolate.

1. agnès b. DÉLICES (France)

2. Amedei (Italy)

3. BVLGARI IL CIOCCOLATO (Italy) – Exclusively at Harbour City For Hong Kong

4. COVA Pasticceria & Confetteria (Italy)

5. DALLOYAU (France) – Exclusively at Harbour City For Hong Kong

6. Fauchon (France)

7. GODIVA (Belgium)

8. Jean-Paul Hévin (France)

9. LE CAFÉ de Joël Robuchon (France)

10. Forestry – Bright Chocolate (Australia)

11. Ladurée (France)

12. Leonidas Pralines (Belgium)

13. Paul Lafayet (Hong Kong)

14. Pierre Hermé Paris (France)

15. ROYCE’ (Japan)

16. The Library Café – Prestat Chocolates (England) – Exclusively at Harbour City For Hong Kong

17. Venchi (Italy)

2. Ten Delectable Chocolate Pop-up Stores

10 pop-up stores from chocolate brands originating in France, Belgium, Japan, Singapore and Hong Kong will be showcased along side the ‘Chocolate Factory Installations. The Trail will also celebrate the Hong Kong launch of The Royal Touch by Carolyn Robb (England)

The Royal Grooms' Cake At The Royal Touch - AspirantSG

and zChocolat (France)

zChocolat At Harbour City Chocolate Trail - AspirantSG

as well as showcase exclusive-to-Harbour City brands such as Bulgari Il Cioccolato (Italy), DALLOYAU (France),

Dalloyau Opera Cake At Harbour City Chocolate Trail 2015 - AspirantSG

The Library Café – Prestat Chocolates (England), Chapon (France) and Frederic Blondeel (Belgium).

Chapon Harbour City Chocolate Trail - ASpirantSG

3. Chocolate Workshops and Seminars

Harbour City will also host a schedule of chocolate workshops and seminars led by experts such as local chocolate lover and tutor Ms. Katie Chan, visiting nutritionist and author Ms. Gloria Tsang, and tea Master-in-Chief of Chinese tea brand Fook Ming Tong Ms. Ji Yu Qin.

Chocolate & Tea Pairing Session At Harbour City Chocolate Trail - AspirantSG

The workshops and seminars will provide comprehensive insights on subjects such as chocolate culture, chocolate nutrition, chocolate tasting and chocolate and Chinese tea pairing recommendations.

Chocolate & Tea Pairing Workshops At Harbour City Chocolate Trail - AspirantSG

4. Live Demonstrations By Chocolate Master Chefs

Chocolate Master Chefs from brands such as agnès b. DÉLICES, DALLOYAU and GODIVA will host live chocolate making demonstrations. You get to catch some of these ‘Live’ demonstrations with celebrities if you are lucky. That’s my idol Annie Liu (acted as Ruo Lan) from the popular drama serial – Scarlet Heart

Live Chef Demostration With Annie Liu

These demonstrations offer shoppers expert tips and the chance to witness what goes into the preparation and production of some of these brands’ signature creations.

Live Chocolate Making Demostration By Annie Liu

The best part is everyone gets to taste the completed products after that! Yums!

Tasting Of Chocolates After Demostration

5. Interactive Art Exhibition By Ben Heine 

With his original “Pencil vs Camera” and “Flesh and Acrylic” art forms, renowned Belgian multi-disciplinary digital artist Ben Heine will showcase a new series of artwork exclusively for Harbour City’s “Chocolate Trail”.

Ben Heine With Alex Fong At Harbour City Chocolate Trail

“Pencil vs Camera” will lead visitors on a mesmerizing journey around the birth of chocolate, through a 3D art installation which combines pencil sketching with photography, illusion with actual chocolate ingredients. Visitors will also be invited to step in and be immersed as part of his creation. “Pencil vs Camera” will be showcased at Gallery by the Harbour at Ocean Centre.

Pencil vs Camera At Harbour City Chocolate Trail

Ben Heine will also be present at “Chocolate Trail” from Jan 21st to 25th to lead an impromptu performance titled “Flesh and Acrylic”, which integrates a living person and moving chocolate fluid within an abstract acrylic painting. Combining various medium including chocolate by Galler Chocolatier, official chocolate supplier to the Belgian royal family, Ben will create a colourful, wild and eye-catching installation which visitors can not only visualize but taste.

Ben Heine Creating Art Live At Harbour City Hong Kong

If you are planning a trip to Hong Kong over the Chinese New Year long weekend, be sure to visit Harbour City Chocolate Trail with your loved ones and have fun learning more about chocolates and sampling the fine selection on the way! Here are the full information for your visit:

Address: 7-27 Canton Road, Hong Kong

Opening Hours: 10am – 10pm Daily

Tel: (852) 2118 8666

Website: www.harbourcity.com.hk

Facebook (Chinese): HarbourCity

Twitter: @hkharbourcity

Instagram: @harbourcity

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