SUDIO NIVA Wireless Earphones – True Wireless Sound For Urbanites

We love our Sudio Wireless Vasa Blå earphones the moment it arrived. Weighing just 14 grams with an incredible 8-Hour battery life and amazing 10 minutes QuickCharge function, it becomes our faithful music companion anywhere we go from the daily commute to gym workouts. You can imagine how thrilled we were when Sudio announced it’s latest wireless addition – SUDIO NIVA Wireless Earphones to its earphone family! We spent no time ordering it via SUDIO website and it arrived within days! Follow us as we do a quick review of SUDIO NIVA. We will be giving a special 15% discount for AspirantSG readers. Read till the end for the promo code! 

SUDIO NIVA Wireless Earphones – Sudio Belief Towards Design

For the benefit of readers who are new to the SUDIO brand, here’s a quick introduction of this Swedish company. They believe that a good product should be intuitive and ready to use at all times. Hence each Sudio model is carefully crafted with your preference at the top of their mind. Most of their products take on a timeless design that is suitable for every occasion, whether you are listening to music on your way to a black tie event or enjoying a sunny day in shorts and a polo. No matter where you are or what you are doing, the Sudio sound piece is well positioned to be your elegant companion.

SUDIO NIVA Wireless Earphones – SUDIO Commitment To Quality

Unlike many other manufacturers, Sudio designs and manufactures all their earphones in-house, ensuring that every single product sold retains its high quality and reliability that the designers intended. Sudio currently has 4 exquisitely made earphones products that are tuned for listeners of different audio preferences and lifestyle requirements, they are namely the TVÅ , KLANG, Vasa, and Vasa BLÅ. We are personally a fan of Vasa BLÅ Wireless Bluetooth Earphones which have accompanied us for gym sessions over the past months. 

SUDIO NIVA Wireless Earphones – Introduction To The New Member

With its remarkably compact construction and 10m range, SUDIO NIVA Wireless Earphones lets you free the sound. This true wireless model features Bluetooth 4.2 technology and 3.5 hours of battery life, all without overlooking SUDIO’s distinct minimalist style.

Plus, SUDIO NIVA Wireless Earphones charging case doubles as a contemporary design piece that can go anywhere you do for an additional 4 charges – bringing total play time to a whopping 17.5 hours.

SUDIO NIVA Wireless Earphones – First Time Set Up

Here’s what you have to do for the first time set up:

First, you open the Bluetooth settings on your device and locate the metallic buttons on the SUDIO NIVA. Next, place both left and right earpieces in your ears and simultaneously press both metallic buttons until you hear POWER ON then release the buttons. Wait for a while to hear ‘Device connected, Right channel, Left channel’ before selecting SUDIO NIVA on your Bluetooth settings under ‘Other devices’.Start pairing your mobile to SUDIO NIVA. Once paired, you are all done! 

After the first time set up, when turning on your earphones and connecting them to your device you should hear these notifications ‘Power on’ – Device connected.  Next, you will hear ‘Right channel’ and ‘Left channel’ Pairing and ‘Second device connected’.

If you do not hear these notifications, go to your Bluetooth settings on your device and click the blue information button next to ‘SUDIO NIVA’. From this menu, choose ‘Forget this Device’. Turn off the Bluetooth settings on your device and the earphones. Repeat the first time set up.

SUDIO NIVA Wireless Earphones – The Gym Test

As mentioned, we use our earphones during 2 key scenarios – commute and gym. SUDIO NIVA Wireless Earphones works great during the commute and we believe this is the true state of ‘wireless’. There is still a piece of wire connect the 2 earpieces for Vasa BLÅ Wireless Bluetooth Earphones but not for SUDIO NIVA Wireless Earphones. You practically just plug in and go with no dangling bits which we super love! They are pretty similar to Apple’s AirPods but much more fashionable, you can go for smart black or white with rose gold decoration.

The real test, however, comes when we take it to the gym. Apple EarPods was not a good fit for us because it kept dropping off when we are running on the treadmill. For SUDIO NIVA Wireless Earphones, you have to experiment with an eartip that fits snuggly. Once that is done, they will stay secure in your ears no matter how fast you are going on treadmill, road or bikes! For the functions, they can answer phone calls, control music and support Siri on iPhone.

SUDIO NIVA Wireless Earphones – The Verdict & Special 15% Discount Promo

Overall, we love our new SUDIO NIVA! Compared to our Vasa BLÅ Wireless Bluetooth Earphones, this is true wireless earphones with absolutely no dangling bits. We enjoyed high-quality sound with long battery life (including the charging by the casing as well). If you are thinking of getting one for yourself or your loved ones, make sure you use the promo code ASPIRANTSG15 during check out to enjoy 15% discount on your purchase. Enjoy true wireless and do share with us your personal review in the comments below too!

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