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The Traditional Significance Of Sterling Silver Kiddush Cup

The celebration of Shabbat has been a significant part of Jewish tradition. According to Jewish culture, God took six days to create the universe, and on the seventh day, God took a rest from his job. Likewise, Jewish people work for six days and the seventh day is the day of the Shabbat celebration and it falls on every week’s Friday. As Shabbat is a significant part of Jewish culture, the same way sterling silver kiddush cup is an important part of Jewish tradition.

On this day, the members of the Jewish families gather together and pray to the Lord for the enlightenment of the heart. Sterling silver kiddush cup brings the significance of peace and beauty in Jewish lives. The arrangement of the ritual involves the arrangement of food and drinks in every Jewish family.

Kiddush Recitation

The recitation of Kiddush is the most significant part of the Sabbat celebration. In this ritual, Jews people take part in the process of the recitation of Kiddush through the sanctification of food and drinks. The recitation of the prayer takes place over a beverage in the Kiddush wine fountain. To celebrate the day, Jewish people usually use grapes juice or wine as a beverage. After the completion of the recitation, a Jewish person transfers the Kiddush wine fountain to another person who participated in the prayer so that every person who attends the celebration gets a chance to have a sip of the beverage. To distribute the beverage, most Jewish families use Kiddush cups and usually, every member of the family has their own Kiddus cup. Besides, the distribution of beverages, the Kiddush cup has a significant value in the decoration of Jewish houses.

The Aspect of Sabbat Eve

The celebration of Sabbat is a rabbinic tradition that is continuing since 500 C.E. The customary law of Jews, Halakha states that Shabbat should be celebrated from the sunset on Friday untilthe end of Saturday night when three stars appear in the sky. On this day, in order to express purity, people also wear traditional or white dresses and maintain certain rituals.

Kiddush Cup and the Jewish Tradition

As Jewish tradition gives significant value to the drinking of the beverage, the Kiddush cup has also been an essential part of the tradition to bring purity into everyone’s life. Over the period, to enhance the artistic value, manufacturers of the Kiddush cup have been focusing on the designing of the cups. Sterling silver kiddush cup is made up of silver with beautiful exterior designs. Kiddush cups can be of different colours. To hold a set of Kiddush cups, manufacturers usually use a decorative wooden box.

Wrap Up

Sterling silver Kiddush cup is an important part of Jewish tradition. Therefore, one can not imagine a Jewish family without the decoration of the Kiddush cup. However, if you decide to buy a sterling silver Kiddush cup set, you need to consider the durability, aesthetic value, and design of the cups.

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