#StayHome Emo Chart – Which Stage Of Stay Home Are You At Now?

It may not be a huge adjustment for fellow folks who are in the blog and vlog scene who have long adopted the telecommuting arrangement before the outbreak, but for the majority of the other working folks, COVID-19 has brought about an unprecedented change. While it can be a privilege to work from the comfort of our homes, the emotional aspect of the #StayHome can be trying, especially for the more extroverted of us who crave the human connection. Let’s find out where on the #StayHome Emo Chart are you at the moment.

Be it the initial celebration at the WFH life, the mindless scrolling and toggling between phone apps, the cabin fever or even the longing for human interaction – we all experienced it to some degree. In fact, there may be seven common stages we all go through in our emotional journeys during the #StayHome period. Based on the #StayHome Emo Chart by Alipay which stage are you at?

The fight is not likely to end soon and it does us good to find our own coping methods to tide us through, even if it is via social media #StayHomeChallenges or Zoom games. But we need not lose the human connection during this period. If anything, technology opens so many doors for us to maintain contact with the ones we love. Chin up & stay safe from all of us at ArdorAsia.

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