Starbucks Cafe With A Nostalgic Bing Sutt Twist In Hong Kong

There are many Starbucks branches in Hong Kong (and everywhere else in the world for that matter). But did you know that they have a Bing Sutt (冰室) themed branch in Hong Kong? Bing Sutt is a type of traditional coffee house in Hong Kong where in the old days people could get coffee, tea and iced beverages and localized western snacks. If you are a fan of Starbucks but would like to experience it in Bing Sutt style, you are in luck! We have got just the branch for you in Hong Kong!

Starbucks with Bing Sutt Theme - AspirantSG

After living in Hong Kong for 2 years, I recently came to know that the Starbucks branch on 13 Duddell Street (near to The Landmark), has a Bing Sutt theme which is decorated in collaboration with the famous furniture store G.O.D. (Goods of Desire) The café is tucked away from the busy main street and you can only get to the entrance from the iconic staircase leading up to Ice House Street.

You wouldn’t think much of the place looking from the outside with its dark coloured glass panel wooden door. However, after you open the door and stand at the entrance, you will see a modern and westernized decoration at the right side of the café with the rest of the place done up with the Bing Sutt theme.

Starbucks With Bing Sutt Theme Hong Kong - AspirantSG

We went there on a Sunday and saw people taking photographs. They welcome that apparently with this sign on one of the walls – literal translation: Do take photos as you wish.

Please Take Photos Anyway You Want - AspirantSG

The cha chaan teng styled table and chairs, old-fashioned tiled floor, drinks posters of the golden days,

Bing Sutt Menu On Wall - AspirantSG

an retro clock and even Chinese written menu (albeit showing modern-day drinks’ list) were nicely put together to create a nostalgia feel.

Retro Bing Sutt Clock Starbucks Hong Kong - AspirantSG

It was interesting to see how they managed to infuse modern into the old and keep the place looking hip and retro at the same time.

Bing Sutt Cafe Starbucks Hong Kong - AspirantSG

Minor details like the “scenery” if you look out from the “windows” also cannot be neglected. They were decorated to look like there were banners and flags hanging out from the window when there was some kind of big Chinese festival celebrations.

Scene From Starbucks Bing Sutt Cafe Window - AspirantSG

This Starbucks also sells some traditional Bing Sutt food like paper cake, red bean pudding, allowing one to have a full experience of stepping back in time.

Starbucks Bing Sutt Menu - AspirantSG

Personally, this is a nice and chill place to hang out on weekends. Located in the Central Business District, the place was not crowded when we visited and it is hidden away from the hustle and bustle from the rest of Hong Kong. So if you are in the vicinity, do drop by and have a look!

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