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Sonic Toothbrush Buying Guide: Everything You Need To Know

Dentists recommend brushing your teeth twice a day for two full minutes to clean all surfaces of the teeth thoroughly. It might sound like an uncomplicated task, but incorrect brushing habits can lead to a multitude of problems such as tooth decay, plaque buildup, and periodontal disease. One of the simplest ways to make sure your teeth are getting the cleaning they require is to upgrade your toothbrush.

Cleaning Mechanism

Rather than performing the brushing action all by yourself, an electric or sonic toothbrush does the brushing for you. Both electric and sonic toothbrushes can help improve your brushing habits and are easier to use as compared to manual toothbrushes because they require minimal effort. Always read your toothbrush manual in detail to know what is possible.

Electric toothbrushes work by oscillating or rotating their bristles in a circular or forward and backward motion. Although this is an increase in cleaning power as compared to a manual toothbrush, you will still need to be mindful and pay attention to how you’re brushing so you don’t miss a spot.

Sonic toothbrushes, on the other hand, rely on high vibration rates and drives the fluids in your mouth between teeth so all you need to do is gently glide it to along all surfaces of your teeth. What’s more, many also come with useful features such as preset modes with varying degrees of intensity and strength or an automatic timer to help ensure you cultivate a good brushing habit.

Brushing Power

With so many toothbrushes available in the market, the choice of settling for a particular toothbrush feels daunting to make. However, a key point to consider between manual, electric, and sonic toothbrushes are the number of strokes per minute as this directly correlates with the effectiveness and cleaning power you get from each type of toothbrush, ultimately preventing oral and dental problems.

Manual Toothbrushes – 300 strokes per minute

Electric Toothbrushes – 2,500 to 7,500 strokes per minute

Sonic Toothbrushes – >30,000 strokes per minute

Apart from the superior rate of strokes per minute, sonic toothbrushes also make use of a unique cleaning effect related to fluid dynamics. The much higher rate of brushing agitates the fluids in the mouth (water, saliva, and toothpaste), effectively turning them into cleaning agents that reach into crevices that you can’t usually reach, like between teeth and below the gum line.

Price Point

The prices for toothbrushes can vary according to their specifications and functionality. The cost of manual toothbrushes come as low as $2 (Tough bristles that can lead to overbrushing!) while those that come with a better design, softer bristles and a tongue cleaner cost around $10 per unit.

Electric toothbrushes are slightly more expensive with prices ranging from $20 for a battery-powered base model with 1 mode to over $400 for a premium offering promising higher strokes per minute, with additional functions such as various modes and apps.

Sonic toothbrushes are the most expensive option out of the 3, with prices starting from ~$90 – $500 depending on the additional features offered such as apps, bluetooth, 3D AI tracking and brushing reports.

However, it is important to note that while additional features are always exciting to have, most of the costlier toothbrushes in the market go over-the-top and overload their toothbrushes with fancy, unnecessary functions that inevitably drive up the price.

3 Reasons to love Mola Sonic+ Toothbrush

With an array of brands, both new and established, currently in the market to choose from, there is a home-grown Singaporean brand that stands out from the rest of its competition with its no-frills, customizable, and user-centric approach to sonic toothbrushes.

Mola Oral Care packs all of the essential functions you will need in a sonic toothbrush to offer a holistic product at an affordable entry-level price point.

#1 LCD Display with timers/pacers & long-lasting battery life

The Mola Sonic+ Toothbrush has an easy-to-read LCD display coupled with nifty functions such as a 2 minutes countdown timer, an in-built 30 seconds pacer, and dual-language (EN/CN) setting. It also boasts an impressive 30-day battery life on its highest setting.

#2 5 Preset Modes + Fully Customisable Custom Mode

While other toothbrushes only offer preset modes, what makes the Mola Sonic+ Toothbrush truly unique is its customizability. Apart from offering 5 preset modes (Clean, Sensitive, Deep Clean, Whitening, Gum Care), there is also a Custom Mode that allows users to adjust the strength, duration, and have a mix of multiple modes for a truly personalized brushing experience. 

#3 Copper-free brush heads

Mola’s brush heads are copper-free as compared to traditional toothbrush heads that usually have metal staples made from copper to secure tufts of bristles. These rust-proof brush heads are engineered with an advanced planting method that reduces fluid accumulation, reducing bacteria growth, and are designed to provide comfort and combat over-brushing.

What’s more, every purchase of the Mola Sonic+ Toothbrush also comes standard with 2 toothbrush heads, allowing for half a year of usage (3 months replacement cycle) right out of the box as compared to a singular brush head offered by other brands.

Price: $139.90 $89.90 

Buy the Mola Sonic+ Toothbrush here.

Bonus: Mola UV Sanitizer  

For a complete setup, the Mola UV Toothbrush Sanitizer is not only an aesthetic toothbrush holder but also harnesses the power of UV sterilization to eliminate the millions of bacteria your toothbrush is exposed to each day, allowing you to level up your brushing game with a peace of mind.

Price: $35.90 $26.90 

Buy the Mola UV Toothbrush Sanitizer here.

While all toothbrushes, be it manual, electric, or sonic can get the job done when coupled with proper brushing techniques, we believe that having a toothbrush that fits your specific needs and preferences will help make oral care effortless.

Visit today for an affordable and smart way to perk up your dental routine and begin your journey towards achieving optimal dental and oral health!

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