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Celebrate New Lunar Year With SŌ Flaming Lobster Poached Rice

Start the year right with a BANG! Creativity is at the heart of (SŌ), a specialty ramen restaurant. SŌ is famous for their 5 delectable broths, simmered for hours to a rich flavour. Made with premium wheat flour, their ramen is smooth and springy with every bite. For its delicious rice dishes, SŌ uses premium Koshihikari rice that is specially cultivated and grown on the finest, most pristine rice paddies in Niigata, Japan. This Lunar New Year, SŌ invites you to flame your way through 2023 with their ALL NEW Flaming Lobster Poached Rice, served along with refreshing beverages!  

Lobster Poached Rice $24.90

Be ready to taste this seafood goddess and get your cameras ready for the most instagrammable worthy moments. The main highlight is their firm and sweet Boston lobster from Canada, blanketed in rich savoury mentaiko mayonnaise sauce with cheddar cheese. Giving off an irresistible smoky aroma when flamed to golden brown. Laying perfectly on their premium Niigata rice layered with tender and sweet Ika slices (Squid) and Hotate (Scallop).

Their luscious seafood tonkotsu broth simmered for hours, best soaked with all seafood goodness and topped with crispy rice, served in a heated stone pot. Every mouthful just hits you in the right spot and craving for more.  Only available for dine-in. The rice set is available at all Sō restaurants from 1 January to 31 March 2023, while servings last!

Lobster Ramen $25.90

With the same ingredients and broth, we cater another version to hardcore ramen lovers, which is only available for takeaway and on their delivery platforms. You and your loved ones can enjoy this exclusive lobster ramen paired with Chijirimen – with a curly and springy texture, for the same level of satisfaction!

Iced/Hot Green Tea

Refreshing green tea with a subtle aroma of roasted rice, this beverage makes an ultimate palate refresher!

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