Smart Travel Tips For Visiting Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Have you ever yearned for spending your holiday in Ho Chi Minh City, also known as Saigon, where more than eight million citizens are settling down? Are you still puzzled about the lowest travelling cost, the must-try foods, and the most convenient kind of transportation? On the other hand, have you ever worried about how to protect yourself or how to avoid cheatings everywhere? Hence, my article will help you gain the flawless and secure journey via the travel tips for visiting Ho Chi Minh City as follows.

1. Accommodation

District 1, which is located in the heart of Sai Gon, concentrates many places of interest ranging from monuments to giant amusement centres. I highly recommend that you should put a priority on accommodations in District 1 to facilitate your movement despite their fairly higher price compared to other areas.

If you spend your time in Sai Gon just in a short time, you can pick up such cheap guesthouses or backpacker accommodation on Le Lai and Pham Ngu Lao Street. It perhaps costs you just less than $10 for one night, especially when you intend to stay in dorms

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Secondly, you can consider Phan Anh Backpackers Hostel. It is not only the state-of-the-art but it is well equipped with clean facilities as well. Moreover, the price is also appropriate to backpackers or travellers.

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Your third option is Saigon Backpackers Hostel. The difference is that it offers many spacious and bright double rooms with the price of a mere $15 per night.

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If you would like to seek an accommodation with higher quality, I suggest such 3-star hotels with the price of just $30 per night. If you would like to visit Ben Thanh Market, then, consider booking Hong Hac Hotel immediately because it just takes you 2 minutes to walk. And Dragon Palace II Hotel is also a good option, which is 500 meters far from the Reunification Palace.

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2. Security

In comparison with other big cities, Ho Chi Minh City is bound to be a secure destination. There is just an issue that you should keep in mind is pickpocketing; hence, you should not keep too much money when you go out, carry large bags or use your smartphone publicly.

Moreover, although going for a walk in parks is very popular in other big cities, you should not visit such parks at night as Phu Lam Park (District 6), Gia Dinh Park (Tan Binh District), Hoa Binh Park, 23rd September Park (District 1), and Le Thi Rieng Park (District 10). Such issues as selling drugs illegally, prostitution and robbery are quite pervasive in these places. They are also the places where homeless people settle down.

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In terms of the travel agency, be careful as well. Please keep in mind that you have kept the receipt and got in-depth knowledge about the agency that offers you the services when you stay in Ho Chi Minh City.

The most hazardous thing is crossing the road. In fact, the traffic in Saigon is very awful. I am well aware that you are not accustomed to witnessing a big volume of motorbikes at all times and even cars. Hence, such foreign tourists always find it so hard to cross the road. In spite of crosswalks, riders almost find them unimportant at all. Make sure that you have checked every single direction in advance.

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3. Take a taxi

In terms of transportation, be careful when you take a taxi in Saigon. The distances all are measured carefully, so if you get on any taxi, which does not have, go away immediately. There are two most popular companies: Mai Linh and VinaSun. There is also a taxi agency known as VinaSum. So, be careful about it.

You can take a taxi by getting your hotel folks to flag one for you. You can find them in the front of many hotels/hostels. They will provide you with the contact of taxi agency and you can call the hotline if you have any concern.

4. Scooters

Have you ever driven a scooter by yourself to explore a new country? Let give it a try when you spend your time in Ho Chi Minh City- an extremely bustling city in Vietnam. You can hire a scooter if you would like to have a sense of adventure. It costs you an approximate price of $50 for a month. The daily rate fluctuates from 150,000 and 300,000 VND. It depends on which kind of scooter you want to rent. Please keep in mind that you ask them at the multiple outlets because the vast majority are available on Pham Ngu Lao street and you should have a good deal before hiring them.

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Chi’s Café is highly recommended for renting scooters with good quality and services. It is situated on 185/30 Pham Ngu Lao st, D1, HCM.

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