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Top Singaporean YouTube Channels To Follow

Singapore, like the rest of the world, is taking a serious hit because of the COVID-19 outbreak. It is getting really frustrating to be at home with all the free time and nothing good to do. One thing you could do to make your time at home entertaining is to enjoy your favourite shows, videos, movies on the internet. YouTube is probably the best option for you in terms of watching entertaining and informative content online. Here are some of the top Singaporean Youtube Channels to follow and you can use Youtube video downloader to save them offline to watch later.

Before proceeding further, If you’re interested in growing your own YouTube channel, you can contact BoostHill. They can help you stand out in this competitive environment with their amazing services. In fact, you can buy Youtube subscribers from them with 100% safety. Discussed below are some of the most popular YouTube channels out there. They cover all sorts of various categories such as comedy, education, trends, and fashion. Tiem would just fly by while you are watching these channels.

Lattu Kids

Kids are probably the most affected by the boredom brought by the Coronavirus. Keeping them entertained is probably the hardest job any parent has to do. Lattu Kids is a YouTube channel that is perfect for teaching children all sorts of useful skills.

The channel contains animated videos where children are taught about various important subject matters such as hygiene, manners, communication, and much more. The vibrant colours and friendly cartoon faces make it all the easier to convince your child of the message put forward in them and it keeps them entertained as well.


Considering its popularity, you probably would have heard about this channel. The aim of the cast from this channel is to bring joy and smiles to the faces of everyone who spends time watching them. The cast is often busy acting out numerous hilarious skits that address some daily life issues.

You can browse through their numerous playlists like Short Film Wannabe, Who’s The Better Actor?, Terence’s Hacks and several others to get a taste of what type of amazing comedy they put out in front of their viewers.


You should definitely subscribe to this phenomenal Singapore-based channel if you reside there. The channel contains a number of great videos on life hacks, amazing foods, beauty, shopping, and a whole lot more.

It is a really popular channel when it comes to the youth of Singapore. The channel even hosts a web series as well called “Girl Band Called Girl Band,” which is about four women who join together to take part in a female talent show.


TreePotatoes si yet another hilarious comedy channel for you to watch on YouTube. The videos are all acted out by the original members over at Wah!Banana, including Aaron Khoo, Janice Chiang, and Elliot Lucas Marcell Tan.

In addition to hosting hysterical comedy skits in their videos, the channel has a few web series, including “Overnight Celebrity” and “Can You Not?!”. Furthermore, you can check out their travel vlogs where they take you on mesmerizing journeys through the world.

Miss Tam Chiak

If you are hopelessly in love with amazing food and would love to feast your eyes on all the scrumptious food that Singapore has to offer, then you definitely have to check this channel out. Miss Tam Chiak is a channel where food enthusiast, Maureen Ow, brings you all kinds of different cuisines from across Singapore.

Embark on a journey with her as she discovers new and amazing recipes, exciting food joints, and the amazing world of hawker food. Beware though,  you will be pretty hungry after spending time on this channel.

Ryan Sylvia

This channel is hosted by a married couple that loves to bring laughter into people’s lives. The duo records numerous funny videos including skits, short films, music videos, and some for the sake of pure laughter.

You would probably want to check out their “kNOCk OUT!” playlist and the “NOC Do It For The Money” playlist. Also, if you want to promote your content on the channel, that can be arranged as well since they take submissions of guest content.

JianHao Tan

JianHao Tan is probably the biggest YouTube sensation in all of Singapore. He is a professional vlogger based in Singapore who travels around the world capturing all sorts of amazing sceneries, food spots, fashion trends, comedy sketches and much more all over the world.

His most popular video is “Past vs Present: Teenagers” has over 12 million views. In the video, he shows the major differences between teenagers now and the ones in the past.

Keep yourself entertained

Now that we have provided you with a list of a few of the best YouTube channels based in Singapore, it is up to you to figure out which channel best appeals to you. As long as you have high-speed internet, you shouldn’t have any trouble streaming your favourite videos. So, fire up your computer and start streaming.

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