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6 Things You Can Explore In Singapore On A Budget

Are you a budget traveller? If yes, then Singapore is a must visit place for you. The exciting thing is that Singapore holds the reputation of being one of the most expensive places in the world. However, if you do some research on your part, then you will realize the fact that there are many free things that you can do in Singapore. Let us talk about a few things to do in Singapore for free.

1. Visit the Enclaves

There is no denying the fact that Singapore is a culturally diverse place, so you need to put on your walking shoes, and hit the streets. You should try to visit Singapore’s enclaves on foot. You can have a look at the old medicine shops, and you will come across lively corner cafes.  All you need is a good map and some money for a few souvenirs. The best part is that every area has its MRT station as well. If you have the energy, then you should walk through the streets of Singapore right away.

2.  Go to Marina Barrage

If you want to have the time of your life, then you should think along the lines to visit Marina Barrage. It is one windy spot and is perfect for flying kites. You will need to make use of a lift to reach the elevated park.
Once you reach the elevated park, you will witness the fact that a wonderful panorama of Singapore awaits you. What you will enjoy the most is a dozen kites flying in the sky. The perfect time to fly a kite is dusk, and the city lights are on at this time, and the most exciting element about the trip is that you will not need to spend a dime.

3. Check Out Fort Canning Park

If you visit Singapore and do not want to spend in a lot of money, then you must visit Fort Canning Park. It is in the centre of Singapore. The Fort Canning Park is lush green, and it is a treat to visit such a place.
What makes this park stand out is that it has hundreds of different plants. If you decide to go to the top, you will find Stamford Raffles home which is now, called the government house. You will also get to see the old fort used in World War II. Well, this is a perfect treat for you if you are travelling on a budget.

4. Rejoice the Light Show at Marina Bay Sands

Another exciting element for the tourists is the light show held at Marina Bay Sands. An iconic complex towers over the Marina Bay. The light show is a beautiful demonstration of multi-coloured lasers that beam from the top of the towers. You can enjoy this light show without the need to pay anything. Marina Bay has the statue of Merlion as well, so you can have a photo next to the statue, and it can be the perfect entertainment for you.

5. Visit Singapore Really Really Free Market

If you are on a tight budget, then you should not miss out on the Singapore Really Really Free Market. Well, the best thing about this market is that you can leave your wallets at home and every item you find in this market is up for grabs.

You can get hold of music albums, toys and books in this market. What you will appreciate about this market is that no compromise is made on the quality of the items.

6.  Watch concerts at the Esplanade

If you love music, then you should visit Esplanade. Well, you will get a chance to attend free concerts here. You can witness these concerts at the outdoor theatre. You will get the opportunity to see a myriad of performances here. You can enjoy the dance performances and the vocals here. The best part is you are stress-free at the concert because you do not need to spend a dime.

After looking at the list above one thing is evident, and that is there are so many things that you can do in Singapore without the need to spend a fortune. However, if you want to make the best out of your trip, then make sure that you plan things so that you can organize your trip.

Once you make the plan, then shortlist the places that are must visit for you. Try to gather the maximum information about these places so that you can relate to the places in a better way.

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