Never Miss Out On Cashback With ShopBack Cashback Button

Life is full of ‘what ifs’ and everything looks better in hindsight. Some of the most painful ‘what ifs’ are those that are obvious in its avoidability – like say, getting a discount off your purchases. I’m sure all you online shoppers have felt the bitter feeling of having to pay full price when you truly shouldn’t have to. Well then, perhaps ShopBack and their Cashback Button can help you avoid having to go through the ordeal ever again.

What’s ShopBack?

ShopBack is an online shopping platform that helps shoppers save and make smarter shopping decisions via Cashback and also giving out information on the best deals and sales. They’ve been in Singapore for quite a while so check them if you’re big on online shopping.

What is the ShopBack Cashback Button?

Well, the ShopBack Cashback Button is a browser extension that helps notify you if you are eligible to earn Cashback off any online store you are browsing through. It will also make earning Cashback off Taobao purchases so much easier! 

Here are the features of this useful little tool:

Discover Stores: Discover stores that you never knew lets you earn Cashback off your shopping trips! Once you’ve installed the browser extension there will be a button at the top of your browser which blinks and also a pop-up to notify you whenever cashback is available to be earned from the online store that you are currently browsing in. All you have to do is click on the Activate Cashback button to start earning Cashback!

– Earn Cashback from Taobao the easier way: For those of you who have shopped at Taobao with ShopBack will know the steps required to earn Cashback. That involves using the search bar on the ShopBack’s Taobao page and then adding to cart the items presented in the search results on the Taobao website. With the ShopBack extension, you need not alternate between ShopBack’s Taobao page and the Taobao website because now the search bar is embedded within the extension itself making it easier to earn Cashback from ShopBack! Useful info just in time for Singles Day!

– Cashback Notifier: Saves you from the regret of forgetting to do a click through via ShopBack to enjoy the Cashback rewards. Once the extension is installed, there will be a pop-up to remind you that Cashback is available in the store you are browsing in. All you have to do is click on the Activate Cashback button to be valid for Cashback.

– Search Engine Notifier:You can also discover stores that offer Cashback whenever you do a search on google for things to buy online amongst other things.

– Check your Cashback amount: You can even easily view your Cashback amount via the browser extension.

Download the ShopBack Cashback Button now!

This feature is available for Google Chrome, Firefox and Safari. Installation is simple, all you have to do is download the ShopBack Cashback Button and then add it to your browser and sign up if you don’t have a ShopBack account. Now that’s one ‘what if’ you can strike off your list! Enjoy your shopping experience!

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