Settling Down in Singapore – An Expats Guide

So, you’re about to make a big move! Whether you’re moving alone or with your family, there are certain things to know before making the move like learning how to get an employment pass in Singapore. Knowing how to get settled down is also equally significant. It’s because migration isn’t that easy, particularly when you’re facing it for the first time. So, how do you settle down smoothly in the garden city? I’ll chart down the most useful tips here for settling down once you reach the island-city.

1. Climatic Impacts

As the country is sitting just a degree North of the Equator, it’s obviously hot! With higher humidity levels, I’d say the expats would feel the variation as soon as they arrive. It might sound simple to you, but it’s not a joke! Dressing for the humidity can be tough – you’ll want to know what to wear in humid weather to avoid overheating. Eating or drinking will also be an issue because high humidity levels will make it tougher for your body to carry out even simple biological processes; therefore, I’d advise you to be prepared to face these by planning better. Besides humidity, you have to prepare for the fog. In some seasons, the fog will be a huge nuisance if you’re not prepared for it.

2. Housing

Discovering an appropriate place to live while being in Singapore is the next step. I’m pretty sure that you’ve already made some arrangements in this regard for spending the first few days here. Utilise this time rightly for discovering a good home. I’d advise you to learn about the housing options that are available. This is critical because the country offers a range of options in housing. For singles, rental rooms will be a good option, but for those with families, you could rent whole units like flats or condos. Regardless of the housing option you choose, you’ll find all sorts of options for furniture. You can get them fully, partially, or unfurnished depending on your preferences. Most often, expatriates will go with fully or partially furnished apartments.

3. Transport

If you’re not planning to purchase a vehicle, I’d ask you select a house that is in close proximity to any MRT station. This will allow you to save invaluable time every day. A better option will be to choose a place that’s not too far from your workplace. Yes, I agree that Singapore isn’t that big; however, travelling would use much of your time if you chose to utilise public transportation. If you’re moving with kids, then be sure to calculate the distance between school and home.
As such, I’d ask you to get an EZlink card for commuting. This can be used with all means of transport, such as MRT, LRT, buses, and cabs.

4. Groceries

Here, I list some supermarkets that can be visited for everyday needs. Fair Price and Giant will be a good option when shopping for daily needs. Cold Storage is for high-end purchases. For medicines and cosmetics, go to Watson’s and Guardian. For affordable stuff, opt for Value Dollar. For crockery, I always prefer Daiso. You can find these outlets in almost all the shopping malls.

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