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Scentopia – First AR Perfume-Making Experience Launches At Sentosa

Scentopia, Singapore’s First Augmented Reality (AR) perfume-making experience launched its first retail space at Siloso Beach Walk, Sentosa. Nestled between the quaint rainforest of Sentosa and the sandy Siloso Beach, the charming retail space spans over 3000 sqft. Specialising in local Singaporean floral heritage and cultural scents, visitors can expect an array of activities – from AR perfumery tours around over 300 free-to-use AR Scented Exhibits to DIY perfume-making sessions at the perfume bar with a diverse selection of over 6000 Scented Wands to choose from.

Revolutionising the perfumery retail experience by integrating AR technology and digital elements with personalised perfume-making based on personality tests, Scentopia is the first to disrupt the perfumery industry with technological innovation since the 1800s. Scentopia takes on a more experiential and unique approach to perfumery which will be a real treat for families, couples, and tourists looking for an intimate sensory experience.

“We launched Scentopia with hopes to bring an immersive introduction to the world of perfumes to our loyal customers today and in the future. When we were hit by COVID-19, Scentopia had to pivot in order to adapt, and we’re excited to share this whole new experience we have come up with after years of development. This is also the first step to progressing the world of perfumes, which has been stagnant in terms of product innovations before our introduction of AR,” shared Prachi, Director of Scentopia. 

What’s more, visitors can take a Perfume Personality Test to discover their personal scent selections and preferences. With over 3.4 trillion combinations available, customers can mix and match to create their very own fragrance, in a handcrafted crystal bottle. Beyond all that, customers can also curate their own signature scent as room fragrances, reed diffusers, bath oils, and scented candles too!

Thinking of a gift for a special someone? Scentopia also offers pre-made scents at their physical retail space at Siloso Beach Walk, made with the same MUIS-approved, alcohol-free ingredients with sustainable material packaging. Scentopia products come in many travel-friendly sizes, ranging from $5 to $500 such as Singapore Memories Vanda 1981, Singapore Girl, bath bomb with orchids notes, therapeutic orchids infused oils and many more. In addition to this, visitors can look forward to learning a little more about Sentosa’s botanical history from the Scent Discovery Library which highlights history nuggets on Sentosa’s scented plant species.

Scentopia is one of the 50 commemorative experiences launched in Sentosa’s Jubilee year. In commemoration of this jubilee, the brand is offering exclusive discounts during this celebratory period for general ticket purchases, NTUC Income, Sentosa Islander, and SAFRA members.

Interested visitors can visit this link for more information on Scentopia, and make a booking for a slot:

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