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Discover Award-Nominated SBROUT® Baby Sleep Habitat System From KIKI & SEBBY® & Experience Luxury With A Conscience

In a world where sustainability and innovation often take a back seat in the baby product industry, KIKI & SEBBY® is rewriting the rules with its exceptional line of eco-friendly, luxurious offerings. Formerly known as Angel Baby Box, the brand underwent a transformative rebranding in 2022, propelling it to new heights of design and innovation. Founded by Dr Sharon Heng and Ms. Alice Au, KIKI & SEBBY® is on a mission to revolutionise baby care, offering parents a range of meticulously crafted, sustainable products that prioritise the well-being of both children and the world we live in.

At the heart of KIKI & SEBBY® lies an unwavering commitment to children’s growth and the environment. Inspired by the Finnish baby box tradition, the brand’s initial product, the Angel Babybox®, garnered international acclaim for its luxurious design and practicality. Building upon this success, KIKI & SEBBY® was born, paying homage to Sharon’s own children, Kiki and Sebby, who continue to inspire the brand’s evolution. This deep connection ensures that KIKI & SEBBY® embraces the innocence, purity, and creativity of children, creating innovative and sustainable baby products that resonate with parents worldwide.

Sustainability is the cornerstone of KIKI & SEBBY®‘s ethos. The brand is dedicated to preserving the planet for future generations by utilizing eco-friendly manufacturing processes and designing durable, long-lasting products that minimize waste. Collaborating with a team of talented designers, KIKI & SEBBY® has been diligently developing an exciting range of sustainable offerings, expanding beyond the Angel Babybox® to cater to families seeking beautifully luxurious products.

Among their latest innovations is the highly anticipated SBROUT® Baby Sleep Habitat System, a modular furniture masterpiece that embodies the brand’s core values of sustainability, longevity, and cutting-edge design. This ingenious 6-in-1 crib serves as a baby cart, playpen, tables, seats, and, of course, a comfortable sleep environment. The SBROUT® Baby Sleep Habitat System has been nominated for the Kind + Jugend ASEAN Innovation Award and shortlisted as the only local company for the prestigious Junior Design Awards 2023, highlighting its excellence and recognition within the industry.

“We are proud to offer parents a truly versatile and eco-friendly solution that grows with their child while providing a safe and comfortable sleep environment,” says Alice Au, co-founder of KIKI & SEBBY®, The SBROUT® Baby Sleep Habitat System is now available at Takashimaya Baby Fair (17 May – 4 June, Takashimaya Shopping Centre, B2 Atrium) and Mummys Market (Suntec City) where parents can experience its innovative features and exceptional quality firsthand.

KIKI & SEBBY®‘s rise to prominence is a testament to its unwavering commitment to excellence and environmental sustainability. By choosing KIKI & SEBBY®, parents not only embrace beautifully crafted and safe products, but they also empower themselves to make a positive impact on the world. The brand’s love for children and the environment intertwines harmoniously, setting new standards in the baby product industry.

KIKI & SEBBY® products are conveniently accessible through their website and various e-commerce platforms. They can also be found at Thomson Baby within Thomson Medical Centre and KrisShop, with upcoming availability at renowned retail destinations such as Takashimaya Shopping Centre and TANGS. With each purchase, parents contribute to a greener future, creating a world where children can flourish amidst products that embody love, care, and a genuine passion for their well-being and the world they will inherit.

Join KIKI & SEBBY® in their pursuit of sustainable luxury and experience a new paradigm of baby care that embraces style, quality, and a brighter future for all. For more information on KIKI & SEBBY®, please visit


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