Savour Coffee in New Ways with Starbucks Layered Beverages

Inspired by the season of Spring, Starbucks baristas are crafting new layered beverages for you to experience coffee in completely new ways. Modern flavours and ingredients pair perfectly with Starbucks signature roasty espresso in two new beverages: Starbucks® Valencia Orange Cocoa Cappuccino and Starbucks® Tahitian Vanilla Macchiato. Matcha lovers can indulge in the Starbucks® Matcha & Espresso Fusion; now a permanent offering on the menu. All 3 new beverages offer delicious layers of flavour that appeal to coffee lovers seeking new adventures and sophistication in coffee.

1. Starbucks® Tahitian Vanilla Macchiato

This drink is a blend of rich roasty espresso with subtle floral notes, and is finished with decadent vanilla bean sauce and vanilla bean pod sprinkles. It offers a twist on the classic pairing of vanilla and coffee – a marriage made in heaven. Tahitian Vanilla has a unique floral aroma and mild sweetness which pairs the roasty coffee, complemented by a layer of velvety steamed milk, then topped with Starbucks signature espresso and finished with vanilla bean specks and vanilla drizzle in our classic double crosshatch pattern.

2. Starbucks® Valencia Orange Cocoa Cappuccino

For those who are looking to satisfy their sweet tooth, the Starbucks® Valencia Orange Cocoa Cappuccino will be sure to delight the palate. Cappuccino Starbucks reinvents the Cappuccino by introducing the perfect combination of orange and chocolate flavours with coffee. Decadent Valencia orange mocha sauce is topped with steamed milk, espresso shots and velvety foam. Dried orange and cocoa powder sprinkles finish this blend of citrus-sweet orange and roasty espresso.

3. Starbucks® Matcha & Espresso Fusion

Speaking of layered beverages, how can we forget our all-time customer favorite drink? The Starbucks® Matcha & Espresso Fusion is a medley of Starbucks very own fine Matcha powder, a smooth layer of milk, and its signature Espresso Roast. The result? A beautiful layered beverage and an inventive combination of coffee and tea that will delight both coffee and tea lovers – definitely tastes as good as it looks.

Drawing inspiration from pairings of Starbucks signature espresso with unique flavours and ingredients, the beverages are artfully brought together in unique combinations by Starbucks baristas. Customers can look forward to these delightful beverages at all Starbucks outlets across Singapore beginning today.

Wake Up to the Smell of Coffee with Featured Coffee Formats

Start your mornings right with Starbucks latest range of elegant blends. Whether you are looking for something to pair with your breakfast, or want something bolder to indulge in, you can definitely find something you like with the refreshing and vibrant Starbucks® 3-Region; and the Starbucks® Tribute Blend, one of Starbucks most complex blends created to honour its 40th anniversary.

1. Tribute Blend

Our master blenders combined four coffees from all three regions into one of our most complex blends ever. Originally crafted for Starbucks 40th anniversary, the Starbucks Tribute Blend® is now an annual celebration. Spicy and full-bodied, it is sure to tingle discerning taste buds with its berry and dark chocolate flavours. Also available as VIA ready-to-go sachets.

2. Three Region Blend

A unique blend of beans from all three growing regions, the 3-Region Blend harmoniously blends together for a cup of coffee that is as lush and vibrant as the season. It balances floral, herbal, lemon, and currant notes, and tastes great when paired with a light breakfast pastry.

Petal Parade: Starbucks Spring Merchandise Collection

Add a spring to your step with soft pink hues and tender blooms! Inspired by the stunning floral season, our latest merchandise collection is beautiful yet functional. Perfect as a gift for yourself or for a loved one!

Starbucks Siren’s Tail Set: Clutch in one hand, coffee in the other.

Meet the perfect add-on to your coffee run. These sleek clutches are just the right size for your essentials and also double up as a trusty lunch clutch. Featuring the iconic Siren’s Tail on the front, the clutch also comes with a handy slot to hold your Cards on the back – giving you easy access to your Starbucks Card. Available in two colors – deep sapphire and blue-grey, the Starbucks Siren’s Tail Set can be yours for $25. Each set comes with one envelope clutch and a Siren’s Tail Starbucks Card (with $10 value)*.

*Valid at all Starbucks stores except for Changi Airport stores (other than Terminal 1, Arrival Hall). T&Cs apply.

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