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Sambal Together With Texas Chicken For Good Cause This Ramadan

Texas Chicken aims to create more moments of happiness for its customers and audience, be it with loved ones, colleagues, neighbours, and even across different communities with the return of its much-anticipated and lagi sedap Sambal Chicken!

Creating Moments of Happiness Together With Your Loved Ones

Whether it is dining with families, partners, colleagues or friends, everyone can Sambal Together and bond over moments while spending time over a scrumptious, comforting, and hearty meal. Also available with the Sambal Chicken: dates! As the Sambal Chicken will be on offer throughout the Ramadan fasting period, our Muslim customers will also be able to enjoy these products for their Iftar, an important time to bond as a family over a meal. Thus, every meal ordered will be accompanied with dates for customers’ convenience to break their fast.

Creating Moments of Happiness Together With Unique Taste Experiences

Available for a limited time period from 31 March 2022 across all 13 Texas Chicken outlets (or while stocks last), the newly improved Sambal Chicken is guaranteed to be crunchier, juicier, and coated in an even better Sambal glaze this year!

Using its signature “Always Fresh, Never Frozen” chickens that are delivered to the restaurants daily, the Sambal Chicken promises to deliver a familiar and comforting taste that Singaporeans from all walks of life experienced growing up that complements the juicy yet crunchy golden fried chicken which has become synonymous with Texas Chicken.

Accompanying the Sambal Chicken is a line-up of new and returning items to satiate the bellies of all. The new Sambal Nasi Lemak Burger – which will be available as an all-day menu item, combines the best of both worlds à la sambal-glazed fried chicken fillet with fresh, crisp vegetables between two toasted buns, will be a bringing together of much-welcomed, East-meets-West tastes.

For those who prefer a more conventional side dish, there is the Nasi Lemak Rice, a  prominent dish to most Singaporeans that serves as the perfect complement to the Sambal Chicken with its fragrant coconut milk-infused aroma.

To round up the Sambal Chicken experience with a sweet ending, a $2 top-up to any Sambal Chicken purchase will entitle each customer to a cup of Udder’s Singapore Chendol Ice Cream, featuring red beans and attap chee in a creamy gula melaka base.

Fully immerse in the Sambal Chicken experience by savouring the items, new and returning, together with your loved ones or share it with those around you. We all know that food brings Singaporeans together, so we’re sure that they’ll love it as well!

Creating Moments of Happiness Together As a Community

In line with the theme of Sambal Together and in conjunction with the celebration of giving and charity throughout the Ramadhan and Hari Raya period, Texas Chicken is looking to bring moments of happiness to those in need by calling on the public to pitch in and donate 100 “From Me To You” Gift Boxes to Muhammadiyah Welfare Home (MWH).

Comprising two pieces of Sambal Chicken, one Honey Butter Biscuit, and a can of Coca-Cola, each Gift Box will be priced at $12.60. Members of the public who wish to purchase these Gift Boxes will be able to do so via GrabFood or the Texas Chicken mobile application, alongside any Sambal Chicken combo meal purchase. As a community, we can lift the spirit and create more happiness for the disadvantaged together.

Share the Moments That Count Over Sambal this Festive Season

Gather round and call your loved ones to the feasting table because a variety of Sambal Chicken meal choices are available for order at the outlets or to be sent to your doorstep via delivery options or through the Texas Chicken app.

Savour the sambal with the Sambal Together 1pc Chicken Combo ($8.90), which comes with a piece of Sambal Chicken, 1 Nasi Lemak Rice side dish, 1 regular coleslaw, and 1 regular Sjora Mango Peach.

Alternatively, you can taste the sambal twist in a burger with the Nasi Lemak Burger Combo, available all day* and priced from $10.30. This combo features 1 Nasi Lemak Burger, 1 small mashed potato and one regular Sjora Mango Peach.

Best shared with your friends and family, the Ramadan Set for 5 is perfect for your Iftar sessions or just to bond over a good sambalicious meal. The combo includes 10 pieces of Original/Spicy chicken (with the option to upgrade to the Sambal Chicken for $0.60 per piece), six pieces of original/spicy Tenders, two Nasi Lemak Rice, two large mashed potatoes, five Honey Butter Biscuits and one 1.5L Coca Cola.

*The Nasi Lemak Burger is available at all outlets except 978 Toa Payoh North outlet.

In the spirit of charity and in the good of giving during the month of Ramadan, the Texas Chicken “From Me to You” Gift Box, priced at $12.60, will be available for everyone to share some happiness with the underprivileged and those in need. The box consists of two pieces of Sambal Chicken, one Honey Butter Biscuit and one canned coke.

For a quick bite, the dine-in a-la-carte options include:

1-piece Ala Carte Sambal Chicken From $ 4.30

1 Sambal Nasi Lemak Burger From $ 6.90

1 piece Ala Carte Honey Butter Biscuit From $ 1.40

Ramadan Feast for 5 From $ 49.90

Delivery option is available via GrabFood, foodpanda, and the Texas Chicken’s mobile app Texas Chicken Singapore, available for download via App Store and Google Play store. First-time users of the app get a $5 welcome deal.

The Texas Chicken Sambal Chicken menu is available for a limited time only, so gather your friends and families and bond over the love of spice and sambal together this Ramadan!

*Texas Chicken is halal-certified. 

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