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RV Carpet Cleaning: All You Should Know

To set your Recreational Vehicle (RV) leagues above the piece of metal you originally ordered, you got carpet. Great decision! Since then, you have increased the appeal of the interiors. However, vehicles often feature bumpy rides; spills of food & drinks happen, and you’d be needing RV carpet cleaning in no time. However, before the spills from bumpy rides and food traffics, what should you know? Would your home carpet hacks work for RV’s? More importantly, what would you need for the successful cleaning of your RV carpeting? Read on to find answers.

Is RV Carpet Different from Residential or Commercial Floorings?

RV floorings are similar to their residential and commercial counterparts. Starting with the raw material, the three are products of:

  • Natural wood fiber
  • Synthetic fibers – mostly nylon, polyester, and polypropylene

Besides source materials, RV carpets yet have varied coloring, sizing, and stylings like the ones at your residence and offices. Wait, does that mean you can use the floorings interchangeably?


The carpeting in RV varies in texture and design compared to your previous accustomed locations. Yes, they equally accumulate stains – albeit from different primary sources.

For RVs, the stains are mostly from oil and metallic drippings. As such, carpet-cleaning here differs from the hacks that were so effective in your homes and offices.

That said, let’s see how you can tidy the mess on your RV carpeting.

Getting Successful RV Carpet Cleaning: What Do You Need?

This section is in two parts: the tools and the tips.

Tool Requirements

To tidy your RV carpeting, you need cleaning agents (mostly chemicals) and equipment. Ordinarily, you can get both at your local stores (car chemical dealers and janitorial equipment warehouses).

For the equipment, you can use the following alternatives as opposed to the somewhat pricey commercial products:

  • Air compressor
  • Dry-vapor steamer
  • Hot-water extractor
  • Shop-type vacuum
  • Upright vacuum

Cleaning Tips

The first thing you should do when cleaning your RV carpets is to do a vacuum sweep. Doing so makes other solutions work!

If the stains were light, a simple one-time vacuum sweep is enough. However, for tougher stains, try these first:

  1. Use a shop-type vacuum to clean your carpets and the underside of your furniture.
  2. Then, engage your upright vacuum. For this, use the one with a beater bar. That way, you can apply an extra force that cleans almost all the dirt.

All that is left now is minor wiping. Is that all?

Yes, vacuum-cleaning suffices for most RV flooring stains.

However, if after using the beater-bar enabled upright vacuum, your stain persists, it is time for wet solutions. Note that this method requires the expertise of professionals because of its complexity.

Nevertheless, here’s a brief:

Hot Water Extraction

As the name implies, hot water extraction uses water. Hence, it is a wet solution.

Here, the experts spray hot water on hard stains that your vacuum cleaners couldn’t erase. After, they use a wet vacuum to sweep off the dirt to give your flooring a dashing look.

Simple, eh?

Professional RV Carpet cleaners like Sunrise Chem-Dry have the tools, experience, and even the personnel that make the job seem easy.

Regardless of your RV cleaning needs (be it flooring or ceiling), Sunrise Chem-Dry is your go-to guy.

Reach out now and discuss your needs!

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