Finding The Right Balance

It seems like a very difficult thing to do with the rising tasks of mothers in this era we live in. Can mothers really strike the perfect balance between raising a family and managing their secular careers and at the same time creating time to take care of themselves? In other words, can they really have it all? 

Being a mother is not easy; you have to take care of your kids, plan out what they will eat, pay attention to your spouse, find time for some recreation, manage the family’s budget, attending to your secular job, and so on. Finding the right balance goes beyond dividing your 24 hours equally and allocating the same amount of time for each endeavour. All it requires is proper planning. Remember, if you fail to plan, you will lose your focus and find out that some necessary activities are suffering. Here are a few points to keep in mind.

Your To-Do List


  • Set your Priorities Right- Economics taught us all to draw up a scale of preference based on activities that we find to be most important. The same goes for everyone else including moms. Analyze which activity matters most at each time and give proper attention to them. Don’t hesitate to cut down on less important endeavours in order to give more attention to more important ones.
  • Draw a Balanced Schedule- Reacting to issues on an impulse will only create lots of problems for you. It is as damaging as buying on impulse. The more important things suffer when you make out time for unplanned activities when actually some more important activities are overlooked. So, itemize what you need to do for each month, for each week, for each day, and then stick to them. Avoid allowing emergencies to make you skip your already itemized actions.
  • Be Adaptable-  Remember that no matter how much you try to create time for everything important, there may be some unavoidable pop-ups or emergencies. So, when you are drawing up your schedule, insert some free time for emergencies or other unavoidable engagements.
  • Keep it Simple- The more activities you take up, the more complex your schedule will be. The more complex your schedule is, the less fun you have. So when you are planning to itemize what to do for each day, remember that you don’t need to bug yourself with too many activities.
  • Don’t forget to have Fun- All work and no play will surely make for a dull countenance. Everyone deserves some fun and a few happy moments. Find time to visit the gym, join a weight loss program like the london weight management program, go for a hike, or go to the cinema.



  • Allow Others to Help- Do not feel too proud to ask for help once in a while. There are many people like family members, friends, workmates, neighbours and relatives who can and are willing to help you out. All you have to do is ask for help.



Being a mom is one of the best things that can happen to a woman, yet you can still find joy in motherhood. Do not allow it to change who you are, rather, take notes of the points above and enjoy these beautiful moments.

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