How Technology Is Helping The Restaurant Business

Technology is designed to make life easier. It’s designed to simplify people’s personal and work lives. This simplification is particularly the case in the restaurant industry. Today’s technology buzzwords — things like mobile apps, artificial intelligence, analytics, smart devices and the like — have turned their gaze to the restaurant industry.

And they’ve already had a significant impact on the early adopters of some of these tech tools. This comes as no surprise. Technology has always had a strong, positive impact on the restaurant industry. The combination just makes sense. Restaurants want to deliver a flawless, convenient and enjoyable experience to their customers. If you are wondering, here’s how it is helping the food and service industry.

Social Media Analytics

Loyal diners return to a restaurant for two primary reasons: the food and the staff. People like to eat in familiar places where they feel welcomed and can experience that hometown sense of belonging. This isn’t an easy-to-achieve feeling because everyone has their own unique understanding or desire of what they want to feel or how they like to interact with a restaurant’s staff.

While some diners may like the talkative bartender who shares her personal anecdotes, others prefer the quiet corner booth. The more you can learn about customer’s behaviors and how they interact with your brand or restaurant, the better you can strengthen the customer relationship and help cultivate more hyper-loyal eaters. Then, it’s up to your food to do the talking, which is something like redcat restaurant pos does.

Online and Mobile Ordering

Online food ordering is not a new technology, but how orders are ordered, paid for, delivered and picked up are evolving. Domino’s has changed the online ordering game over the last couple of years. Particularly, they were one of the earliest pizza chains to realize the advantage of customers placing online orders over calling in.

There are fewer opportunities for errors to occur because of miscommunication, staff members don’t have to stop what they’re doing to answer a phone, and it’s easier to upsell through an online portal because there are pictures of the items, which makes the offer more enticing to the eater. By focusing on their online ordering platform, Domino’s has managed to make the majority of their food orders come through digital channels.


Mastering restaurant tech in the digital age is all about delivering the best convenience and value to your customers. What makes the Starbucks app so successful? Why do people love Domino’s online ordering platform? What makes Little Caesars’ new vending machine pickup system, where customers order on their phone and pick up their order without needing to interact with a Little Caesars employee a customer favourite?

Simple, they work flawlessly to meet and exceed the expectations and desires of their unique customers. Starbucks knows people are in a morning rush and long queues are a detriment to their ability to make it work on time, so their hugely efficient mobile ordering system speeds up the checkout process. And if even if you check redcat restaurant pos, you will understand why.

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