Reposting Instagram Content to Expand Your Reach

Once you are out of ideas and don’t have any good content to upload on your Instagram account you can repost stuff from other Instagram accounts with their permission along with giving them due to credits. Here you must be careful about what you are sharing. Only share the content that is related to your brand profile and is in accordance with the theme of your Instagram profile. Let’s check out how reposting Instagram Content can help you expand your reach. 

Using this technique effectively can go a long way in making your Instagram account more attractive to the visitors. Of course, you can learn more about other ways to generate a hype about your content, and one good idea is to buy likes and followers for qualified and reputable service providers. However, you can always find ways to add content to your Instagram.

Must Follow Steps While Reposting Stuff on your Instagram Account

Search for Quality Content

Searching the content that goes well with you Instagram profile requires some effort. Share the content from Instagram accounts of your own niche and industry. Avoid sharing stuff from your direct competitors instead search for content from influencers and big brands of your industry.

Follow good Instagram profiles that have a similar audience like yours so that you can stay updated about the latest posts. You can also search for relevant accounts and posts through hashtags.

Save the posts in an Instagram bookmark that are worth sharing. You can even create a separate collection for posts that you are intended to report on your profile in the future. Keep updating your collection and repost stuff at different intervals.

You can also follow the popular hashtags related to your niche to get updated information about the recent posts under these hashtags and discover more influencing Instagram accounts of your industry.

Seek Permission Before Reposting

Whenever you come across a post that inspires you and you are intended to repost it on your account reach out to the original poster. DM the poster or comment directly on the post and seek their permission for sharing their content. Appreciate them for their good work and share your details too. Also, assure them that you will share with giving them due to credits.

Most people grant permission willingly as it gives them more exposure and they are contented for being recognized for their efforts. Show them some love for granting you permission.

If you choose to DM don’t forget to mention the exact post you are interested in sharing with your audience. Tap the arrow symbol beneath the selected post and share it in the DM. this will save both of you from any confusion and will avoid any conflict in the future.

Once you got the permission you can share the post right away or save it for later use.

Save the Post from Instagram Desktop

You have two options for saving posts from other Instagram accounts for later use.

The first option is the manual one. Click the post that you are intended to save and share sometime later. Then double click it and select ‘view the page source’ option. A new tab will appear on your screen. Here click “Command + F” and type in “jpg”. The first file in the jpg list shows the URL of your selected post. Copy and paste this URL and paste it in a new tab in the browser. Now save the image and you are good to go.

You can save yourself from the hassle of saving photos and URLs separately by opting for Instagram reposting tools like Iconosquare. Iconosquare will help you in reposting directly from the source post with your added caption without saving it. It allows you to schedule your post at some other time if you are not intended to post it right away. You can also preview your post with your caption before posting through Iconosquare.

You can add a personalized touch to the reposted content by adding a new caption and by sharing it in your own way.

Keep these points in mind if you really think reposting on Instagram is going to help your business.  Proceed carefully and always focus more on quality than quantity.

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