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Ramen King Singapore – Authentic Japanese Ramen In The Heartlands

Ramen in Japan is a very homely dish that can be found in almost every Japanese neighbourhood. However, in Singapore, good quality authentic Japanese ramen is typically found in Japanese restaurants in shopping malls, at higher price points. Chef Simon Song, formerly from Ramen Santouka, believes it is time for Japanese ramen to be just as accessible in Singapore and opened Ramen King Singapore, located in Blk 829 Tampines St 81, to fulfil this dream. A second outlet at Canberra Plaza #01-07 has opened on 10 March 2022.

Ramen King Singapore – The Dream

Chef Simon picked up the art of ramen-making working with accomplished Japanese masters in Japan and Singapore. After serving 400,000 bowls of ramen across a decade Chef Simon has perfected his Japanese ramen recipe and technique. He is ready to share this with the Singapore heartlands.

“Everybody loves Japanese ramen, but you can only find it in shopping centres from $15 onwards. I feel that Japanese Ramen should be as accessible to everyone as a bowl of Bak Chor Mee, and so I decided to set up Ramen King, to allow anyone who wants to enjoy a good bowl of Japanese noodles to do just that. Furthermore, most shops selling affordable ramen usually use soup base made from concentrate, but with my restaurant experience, Ramen King’s ramen will be just like those in the restaurants.”, Chef Simon says.

Ramen King Singapore – The King Difference

Light yet boasting a rich umami taste, Ramen King’s Tonkotsu broth is loaded with rich layers of flavour. Chef Simon uses a unique 4-step preparation method to maximise the umami flavours and add depth to the broth. The broth is then carefully cooked and rested at intervals over three days. Finally, the broth is then rested in a room at 25°C for half a day to complete. The final product is a mellow pork bone broth without the porky taste, that has a concentrated taste but still has the sweetness of the meat.

The noodles are also made with the same attention to detail. Chef Simon uses two types of wheat, uniquely blended to create a yellow egg noodle that has a tender yet chewy texture. The roasted pork fillet or Char Siu is slow-cooked using Chef’s secret recipe to bring out the unique flavour.

Ramen King Singapore – Must-tries

Must-tries at the stall are the signature Tonkotsu Ramen (S$8.00) and Kurobuta Toroniku Spicy Miso Ramen (S$15.00), which features Ramen King’s original thick succulent Tonkotsu broth alongside specially blended noodles and a slow-cooked secret-recipe Char Siu.

Perfect accompaniments to the noodles are the Gyozas ($3.50 for 3 pieces) (Japanese dumplings), especially the Cheese Gyozas ($4.00 for 3 pieces) which are wrapped in a blanket of melted cheese.

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