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How To Get To Rainbow Mountain Peru Tour?

Everyone is aware that travelling is not always simple and that it may be challenging to determine the best route to take in order to reach the location you wish to explore. The linguistic barrier makes the situation much more problematic. Thankfully rainbow mountain peru tour is not difficult, and we’ll go into depth to guide you in making the right decision!

As Rainbow Mountain is a very tiny location with a single access path for all walkers, it will not be able to sustain that load for very long or continue to be enjoyable. The mirador is already way too crowded as a result of tours arriving at the same time, and almost every photo you see on social media (including ours) will hide the fact that there were people waiting in front of and behind you. Many of you won’t be surprised by these facts, yet they are often entirely ignored in articles praising Rainbow Mountain.

The Peruvian government must act quickly (as it did recently by blocking mining rights in the area) rather than later to limit the number of daily visitors and ensure that the area is not overburdened and, ultimately, desolate. Add in all the other negative effects of that ridiculous daily footfall (increased litter, lack of sanitation facilities, mistreatment and overworking of the horses, irresponsible walkers going off-trail), and it is crystal clear to us that action must be taken.

Travelling To Rainbow Mountain From Cusco

There are several routes to go to Rainbow Mountain, but the two we will discuss in more detail are a Full Day Trek and a Fast Trek. Continue reading if you need to travel to Cusco first.

Entire Day Trek

When it comes to hiking up to Rainbow Mountain Peru, this is the most popular choice, especially if done with a guide.

It is advisable to leave Cusco early in order to go to Pitumarca in around 3 hours. Thereafter, it is advised to go to Qesoyuno to begin the trip. The trip up and back down takes around three hours each.

The majority of tour companies will get you back to Cusco Plaza by 19:00, which is a decent rule of thumb for solo travellers as well.

Getting from Cusco From Lima

The gateway to the vibrant highlands, Cusco, must first be reached before you can travel to Rainbow Mountain. Bus or flight are the two options for getting from Lima to Cusco. Bus travel is the most popular alternative because of the landscape and locations you may stop at along the way, while flying is the greatest choice for people who are short on time.

Peru Hop Bus

Our top choice for travelling from Lima to Cusco is this route.

Many individuals in Cusco suffer from altitude sickness, which prevents them from climbing Peru’s Rainbow Mountain. The hop on hop off method offered by Peru Hop is the ideal approach for tourists to gradually acclimatise to altitude while seeing Peru. As Vinicunca is located at an altitude of 5,200m, it is imperative that trekkers adapt before setting off.

Local Buses

Taking a local bus from Lima to Cusco is the next best choice for tourists.

These trips can take up to 26 hours because they are frequently direct. To cut down on this time, a number of regional businesses take detours on the Andes mountain highways. Nevertheless, these routes may be exceedingly risky, and buses have even been known to get hijacked, so use extra caution when selecting a firm.


Only if you have a very limited amount of time would we ever advise taking a flight from Lima to Cusco.

You run a considerable danger of getting altitude sickness in addition to missing out on visiting all the other beautiful places in Peru.

We highly advise avoiding flying directly since going from sea level to 3,400m in such a short amount of time prevents your body from adjusting. This affects the majority of travellers who choose to fly directly.

As you can see, this is a thrilling journey that is quite possible to undertake without a guide and tour group. You shouldn’t have any issues as long as you remember to follow the measures.

If rainbow mountain peru tour isn’t something you feel like doing while staying in Cusco, then think about some of the other top day excursions from Cusco. Whether you decide to go to Rainbow Mountain or not, remember to respect the environment and the local communities, take pictures, and leave just footprints.

Top Tips

  • While you’re high up, the weather can change quickly. As a result, it’s important to take sunscreen, sunglasses, a rain jacket, a hat, and thick hiking socks. You should also pack an extra pair of socks just in case.
  • Our tour guide handed us some coca leaves to chew on to help with the altitude.
  • Bring a small backpack filled with toilet paper, a lot of water, and food.
  • The majority of Rainbow Mountain Tour packages do not often include the park’s 10 Soles admission charge.
  • For more information to aid with your preparation, go visit the official Rainbow Mountain Peru page.

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