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Pulau Ubin Sailcation: Chill Out On Your Own Discover Sailing Asia Yacht

Singapore yacht sailing has always been deemed as an exclusive pleasure only for the wealthy. The good folks at Discover Sailing Asia hope to change that mindset by making sailing more accessible and affordable for city dwellers in Singapore. If you feel constraints within the main island, it is perhaps time to venture out to our nearby islands with your loved ones in a yacht that is reserved just for you. Join us on our 2D1N Pulau Ubin Sailcation and be sure to check out our exclusive discount at the end of the article.

Pulau Ubin Sailcation – All Onboard 

The adventure starts from SAF Yacht Club where we met our friendly skippers at The Quarterdeck. As the space on the yacht is limited, we packed light with daypacks for onshore adventures on Ubin with some personal indulgences such as snacks, cakes and wine.

Our skippers led us into a gated space filled with loads of boats and yachts. As absolute novices to sailing, we were thrilled to be allowed into this elusive zone.

At the end of the short stroll, we were greeted by this majestic yacht which would be our private playground throughout the sailcation.

You will be asked to surrender your shoes before boarding the yacht.

Once on board, we left it to our experienced skippers to take care of the rest!

Pulau Ubin Sailcation – Exploring The Living Space

The fun part when you first come on board is exploring the yacht. From the sun deck, simply descent down the stairs to discover its compact but comfortable interiors.

This is the common interior space that friends and family can hang out. There is a spacious lounge and a functional food preparation space with a sink, microwave, electronic kettle and more. However, do note that the powerpoints on the yacht will not be available until the power generator is switched on after the yacht anchors for the evening. So do make sure you have sufficient juice to last you till then.

We really love the cosy bed cabin. There are lots of nooks and crannies where you can put your stuff for quick accessibility around the bed.

The most interesting part is the toilet and bathroom. The flush is manual hence our skipper gave us a quick brief of how to correctly use it. You will also need to press a button for the system to drain water out after your bath. Everything is fairly easy and we got the hang of it pretty quickly.

Pulau Ubin Sailcation – Ubin Adventure 

We enjoyed a breezy and scenic ride to Ubin, passing by many kelongs along the way. You can let the skippers know if you would like to stop over at the famous floating restaurant for lunch if you are hungry.

Once we reach Pulau Ubin, the plan is free and easy. You can either get into your bathing suits for a dip in the waters. Take some time to walk around Pulau Ubin town centre or rent a bicycle to do some further exploring. We took a leisure lunch at one of the restaurants and explored the island on two wheels. We concluded the cycling with a much-needed drink at Ah Ma Drink Stall before giving our skippers a ring to pick us up from the island.

Pulau Ubin Sailcation – BBQ Buffet Onboard

Our skipper drove us to this exclusive enclave to anchor for the night. The waters are calm as the water body is protected by landmasses surrounding it.

I was blown away by the beauty of nature around me. It hardly felt like Singapore.

With the anchor dropped, you can choose to have a splashing good time in the water on a kayak or stand up paddleboard! You can even kayak into the mangroves and catch yourself some mangrove oysters or mud crabs. You just need to let your skippers know and they will prepare the necessary for you.

Having spent our energies cycling on Ubin, we opted for the lazy option of just sipping wine and taking in the tranquil surrounding.

Personally, I really enjoyed this quiet me-time where I have the rare window to just slow down, reflect and ponder over things that I never had the time to do so with my hectic work life.

While we were chilling over wine, our skippers were hard at work preparing our BBQ dinner onboard the yacht.

We got to savour a delicious sunset barbecue and watch the descending sun bathes the world in a warm, soft glow.

For just the two of us, the portions prepared was so much that it felt like a buffet. We invited our hardworking skippers to join us for the meal and before long we were joyously laughing over shared experiences in life.

What a way to finish the day’s adventures!

Pulau Ubin Sailcation – The Morning After

We slept like a baby that night (either too exhausted by the cycling or food coma due to the satisfying bbq dinner, we are not exactly sure which is the case) and woke up feeling refreshed for the new day.

Our continental breakfast comes in the form of a basket with juices.

Our yacht started heading back to SAF Yacht Club from 8am and we joined our skippers at the sun deck to soak in the morning sun and enjoy the scenic journey back.

If you would like to try your hands on the wheels, now is the time to ask. We gained interesting insights into the steering of a yacht and what to look out for at sea. We were surprised by the numerous solo fishermen out at sea who are still fishing the traditional way.

Once back at SAF Yacht Club, we thanked our skippers for taking such good care of us during the sailcation and bid them goodbye.

Pulau Ubin Sailcation – Exclusive Discount 

The sailcation is priced at $1,805 for weekdays and $1,905 for weekends before GST for the booking of the yacht.  We understand from our skippers that before the covid restrictions, the yacht can house up to 8 pax. This makes the sailcation really affordable for a group of friends or family members because the sailcation price can be divided equally which works out to be around SGD$238 (before GST) on a weekend. With the restrictions further relaxed now, the yacht can host up to 5 guests as of 29 November 2021.

If you would like to go on a 5 pax sailcation this December, simply quote the promo code ASPIRANT10 when you visit to enjoy 10% off the retail price. It is valid from 28 November 2021 to 12 December 2021. The travel period can be any date between 28 November 2021 to 28 February 2022. This promo code is only applicable to their 2D1N Pulau Ubin Sailcation.

Enjoy and do share with us your experience in the comments section below!

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