Know More About Ptosis Surgery In Singapore With These Important Facts

Ptosis or droopy eyelids is caused by the degeneration of the levator muscles, the nerves that control the eyelid muscles. As a result, the eyelids become weakened and can droop uncontrollably. In some patients, ptosis can only occur in one eyelid while in some, both eyelids can be affected. Since ptosis surgery is an invasive procedure, many patients have a lot of doubts and questions about the procedure. This is why, Allure Plastic Surgery, proud experts of cosmetic and ptosis surgery in Singapore, has prepared these important facts you need to know about ptosis surgery in Singapore.

Ptosis surgery in Singapore is the only proven way to treat ptosis.

Aside from surgery, there aren’t really any effective ways to reverse ptosis or droopy eyelids. The weakening of the levator eyelid muscle cannot be remedied by medications or any other simple cosmetic treatments.

In Singapore, ptosis is considered a medical condition.

Ptosis can be a serious medical condition that requires ptosis surgery in Singapore. When left untreated, ptosis can cause serious threats to one’s health and can even leave lasting and irreversible effects. Without proper treatment and attention from a medical professional, ptosis can cause:

  • Permanent obstruction of vision

The weakening of the eyelid muscles can cause obstruction of vision in affected individuals. This can pose strenuous management such as having to constantly raise the eyebrows and tilt the heads back just to have a clear vision that can cause a lot of stress to the patient, not to mention severe headaches, neck and back pain. Obstructed vision can also cause for unnecessary accidents and injuries because the affected individual cannot see clearly, and can even endanger a person’s life.

  • Lazy eye in children

Ptosis can occur at any age. That being said, babies and children at an early age can develop ptosis. This is why ptosis surgery in Singapore is also done in affected children and infants to prevent the condition called amblyopia, or lazy eye. This condition causes loss of visual perception in children and can make the eyes appear uneven. When not treated early on, a child can grow up with the condition and persist until he/she becomes an adult.

  • Loss of sight (especially in adults)

Without surgery, ptosis can cause irreversible blindness. So, at the onset of droopy eyelids, better to have your eyes checked by an eye specialist or a certified plastic surgeon to reverse the effects as soon as possible and prevent life-changing conditions like vision loss.

Different factors can cause ptosis

Before committing to ptosis surgery in Singapore, it is first important to know the different factors that cause ptosis. Each patient is unique and the cause for ptosis can also differ from person to person.Globally, themain causes for ptosis, or the weakening of the levator muscles are:

  • Aponeurotic triggers

These include continuous pulling of the eyelids, excessiverubbing of the eye, prolonged use of contact lens, and eye inflammation or irritation. These events can cause the weakening of the levator muscles resulting to ptosis or droopy eyelid.

  • Ageing

No one can deny that as we grow older, our body becomes more prone to degeneration and the muscles in our eyes are no exception. As we age, the tissues that hold the eyelid muscles together tend to become fragile and weak and can result to ptosis. Although ptosis can occur in almost all ages, including infants and children at an early age, the risk of developing ptosis increases with age.

  • Neurogenic Causes

Sometimes, the cause of misfunction of the levator muscles can be neurogenic, or relating to the function of the body’s nervous system. When the connection between the brain and nerves in the eyelid becomes faulty, it can result to ptosis, and usually, it is out of our control and medical attention is required.

  • Excessive skin or fat in the eyelid

For some patients with excessive skin or fat in their eyelids, the eyelid muscles cannot support the weight and result to ptosis. Sometimes, tumor can grow around the eye or eyelid area and can also weigh down the eyelids.

  • Eye injury or trauma

Trauma following eyelid or eye surgery can cause for the weakening of the surrounding eye muscles. In addition, when your eye is subjected to injury, the muscles can become damaged and cause the eyelids to droop.

Allure Plastic Surgery specializes in ptosis surgery in Singapore.

Ptosis surgery in Singapore is traditionally performed by ophthalmologists or certified plastic surgeons who specializes and have in eyelid surgery. Dr Samuel Ho, the leader of Allure Plastic Surgery located at 435 Orchard Rd, #22-04 Wisma Atria, Singapore 238877 is an experienced and well-trained eyelid plastic surgeon and has done countless ptosis surgeries in his many years of practice. In addition, Allure Plastic Surgery has a signature ptosis surgery procedure that is sure to provide quality and effective results.

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