PSY, Carly Rae & Cee Lo At Singapore Social Concert 2013

You can’t imagine how thrilled I am to receive this golden ticket to the hottest concert in Singapore. I will be dancing to Gangnam Style with PSY, rocking hard with Cee Lo Green and its always a good time with Carly Rae Jepsen at Singapore Social Concert 2013 on 24 May at The Meadow, Gardens By The Bay, Singapore! All thanks to Starcount!


With such a hot line up, some queuing is inevitable.


But a little wait is fine. Especially when I can get to catch up with my blog pals William and Hpility


By the time we checked in, we were just in time for Blush finale and it was a blast!


They took a while to prepare the stage for Carly Rae Jepsen.


And before we know, here’s Carly Rae Jepsen with her opening title – This Kiss!

She continues to wow with my personal favourite – Good Time!

As Carly Rae reached her final numbers, the crowd waits in anticipation for PSY!


Here’s PSY making his entrance! I still dun get the lights on audience part.

PSY getting the crowd warmed up with Champion!

Before showing everyone how he’s the perfect Gentleman! Pity that he only performed 4 songs at the concert with Gangnam as his finale. We simply could not get enough of him!

Although the crowd thinned out slightly after PSY, Cee Lo Green makes sure he makes an explosive entrance!

I was never a Fan of Cee Lo but I was totally sold by his energy on stage. But he was also perspiring like crazy from Singapore hot and humid weather.


The crowd simply adores him! Unbelievably high from his performance!


If you have lots of time to spare, here’s the full concert from Starcount for your enjoyment:

It was an extraordinary night for me, I absolutely enjoyed myself. Carly Rae Jepsen, PSY and Cee Lo Green are amazing on stage. I am so proud that Singapore hosted the world’s first Social Star Awards. We will definitely look forward to Social Star Awards 2014!

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  1. YingYing

    Sian… was in bkk during the weekends. Wrong timing

  2. Cee Lo sweat like hell…

  3. Darcie

    PSY rocks! Glad he was 2nd last performer. We left before Ceelo

  4. Tommilicous

    Carly looks hot…

  5. Fabian Wee

    Nice videos! Where is gangnam style? I heard that was the last song.

    • MarkC

      Ya, that was his last song dunno why no video. May be low batt Lol


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