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As the pandemic continues to keep most of us work from home, even the subtlest elements of the home environment take on a new level of importance. While it is important to engage all the senses in interior design, we tend to privilege the sight (colour, form) and touch (textiles, soft furnishings) while neglecting scent. However, scent plays an important role in our daily life, it has the potential to reduce stress, increase focus, enhance memory, and uplift our mood – benefits we could all use right now. Hence the good folks at Pristine Aroma recommend the introduction of fragrance into our personal and home spaces for a more relaxed and pleasurable environment.

Pristine Aroma – The Story Behind The Brand

The word “Pristine” means to be in an original state, untouched & unspoilt. Very often, we are distracted by undesired noises such as constant exposure to social media, work stress which generates unnecessary stress & anxiety. The good people behind Pristine Aroma see it as their mission to induce rejuvenation to our hectic lives through aromatherapy and restore our weary souls back to the “pristine” condition. Their definition of #pristinelife is one where you can take on every new day refreshed with the clearest state of mind.

Pristine Aroma – Infusing Scents Through Reed Diffusers

Reed diffusers create an environment of rustic sensibilities and gradually fills the air with a subtle and long-lasting aroma. With the dual benefit of a neat decor piece and aroma diffuser, it is an easy addition to your home.

Pristine Aroma scents are carefully selected for the everyday city dweller. Their Pristine garden scents are inspired by nature, Pristine hotel scents are inspired by world-class hotels and last but not least, Pristine signature scents are inspired for a rejuvenating #pristinelife.

Each of these scents uses a different combination of essential oils and fragrances to provide a unique experience and reduce anxiety through aromatherapy. Our diffusers use a high intensity of essential fragrance oils for a longer-lasting scent. The result is a well-crafted scent with different top, middle & base notes.

Pristine Aroma – The Hotel Series

At a time where travel is restricted, we yearned to trick our senses into thinking we are on a much-needed getaway with our loved ones. That was the key reason why we decided to go for their hotel series to provide our home with the feeling of relaxation similar to sitting in the spa of a luxurious hotel. Here are some of the hotel series fragrance notes you can go for:

1. Marriott Scent Fragrance Oil Notes

Their Marriott Scent was curated for the working mothers. The scent was designed to create a Marriott environment – one that evokes classiness and professionalism, to create a comfortable living + working environment at home. A perfect scent for those who have to work from home as a result of having to take care of the kids. Fresh as the world-class hotel with a unique blend of Hyacinth, Apple, Grapefruit, Violet Leaves & Sandalwood.

  • Apple – Refreshes and Improves Concentration, Dispel Tiredness
  • Grapefruit – Balance Mood, Reduce Stress & Blood Pressure, Improves Metabolism
  • Hyacinth – Relieves Stress and Tension, Reduce Grief and Depression
  • Sandalwood – Reduce Stress, Induces Relaxation, Improves Sleep

Shangri-La Scent Fragrance Oil Notes

When they curated the Shangri-La Hotel Scent, relaxation and evoking happy feelings were our ultimate objectives in mind. The top note of lavender is familiar to most with its calming effects, reducing anxiety and depressive emotions. The notes of Amber and Lily of The Valley calms the mind and evokes feelings of melancholy. Lastly, the notes of sandalwood help to remind everyone to stay firmly grounded.

  • Lavender – Induces Relaxation, Reduce Anxiety, Depression & Nausea
  • Amber – Calms mind, Stimulate libido, Aids sleep.
  • Lily of Valley – Reduce Headaches, Depression & Melancholy
  • Sandalwood – Reduce Stress, Induces Relaxation, Improves Sleep

Hilton Scent Fragrance Oil Notes

Hilton Scent was inspired to create an atmosphere of relaxation after a long day of work – battling office work stress and navigating office politics. When you first get a whiff of Hilton’s aroma, the top note of Tangerine gives you the initial refreshing hit immediately giving your spirit an uplift. This is followed by the sweet floral notes of rose and lily of the valley which puts you in a relaxed mood. Last but not least, the sandalwood notes allows you to feel grounded and ready for a good night of sleep.

  • Tangerine – Reduce Nervous Irritability, Uplifts Spirit & Gives A Sense of Security
  • Rose – Reduce Migraines, Menstrual Cramps & Enhances Libido
  • Lily of Valley – Reduce Headaches, Depression & Melancholy
  • Sandalwood – Reduce Stress, Induces Relaxation For Sleep

Ritz-Carlton Scent Fragrance Oil Notes

Ritz-Carlton Scent was inspired by the very feeling of going on family holidays in my younger years. The hint of citrus from the grapefruit essential oils freshens up your day whilst the combination of sweet vanilla beans and tart strawberries evokes sweet childhood holiday memories. We recommend the Ritz-Carlton diffusers for those who are exposed to a stress-induced lifestyle and face high levels of anxiety. The jasmine notes in the Carlton scent helps to balance the mood and relieves any unwanted anxiety.

  • Strawberry – Induces Cheerfulness & Improves Appetite
  • Grapefruit – Balances Mood, Reduces stress & Blood pressure, Enhances Metabolism
  • Jasmine – Reduces Stress, Anxiety & Depression, Fights Fatigue & Menstrual Cramps
  • Vanilla – Promotes Relaxation, Sleep quality, Respiratory health & Is An Aphrodisiac

Let us know which of these scents speaks to you the most!

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