PrimaDéli Mooncakes 2022 Celebrates Singapore Local Flavours

PrimaDéli Mooncakes 2022 ups its spread of local favourites this Mid-Autumn, with new and exciting mini snowskin mooncake that captures the flavours of Singapore’s favourite desserts and kuehs. Kueh Salat, Pulut Hitam, Ondeh Ondeh, Chendol, Black Sesame Peanut join its wide selection of both baked and snowskin mooncakes – available at all PrimaDéli outlets island-wide till 10 September 2022.

PrimaDéli Mooncakes 2022 – Unite Singaporeans with the flavours of home

“From delectable and popular kuehs to comforting hot and cold desserts, there will surely be something to tantalise your tastebuds and remind you of home. At PrimaDéli, we are always looking at ways to present novel yet nostalgic renditions of the flavours we love.” said George Lim, General Manager of PrimaDéli.

New flavours– Kueh Salat, Pulut Hitam, Ondeh Ondeh, Chendol, and Black Sesame Peanut join the ranks of all-time favourite mini snowskin mooncakes, Durian King, Mango Yuzu, Cookies & Cream, and Mylo. The Mini Kueh Salat Snowskin Mooncakefeatures a coconut cream and butterfly pea flower-infused centre; while the Mini Ondeh Ondeh Snowskin Mooncake is filled with an irresistible gula melaka filling – a faithful ode to the Peranakan treat we love. Kueh-lovers will be thrilled by the combination of Kueh in a mooncake!

Fans of old-school desserts now have new ways of enjoying their favourite dessert bowl; the Mini Pulut Hitam Snowskin Mooncake features a nostalgic blend of glutinous rice and coconut cream – a modern twist to the comfort we grew up with; theMini Black Sesame Peanut Snowskin Mooncake is perfect for tang yuan enthusiasts – with fragrant black sesame mixed with nutty peanut paste, one can now enjoy the best of both worlds at once; while the Mini Chendol Snowskin Mooncake, packed with the aroma of gula melaka, pandan chendol jelly and red bean, delivers an explosion of flavours!

Enjoy the variety of flavours with the Royal Gift Set which features all nine flavours, priced at $53.80 per box.

PrimaDéli Mooncakes 2022 – Traditional Baked Classics

PrimaDéli brings back its traditional baked mooncake varieties with a new addition this year. The Yam with Salted Hokkaido Milk & Cashew Nuts Mooncake marries the silky blend of yam paste and salted hokkaido milk, with the nutty crunch of cashew nuts, for a balanced and well-rounded multi-textural experience.

The classics make their seasonal return, with smooth and generous fillings of low-sugar lotus paste in baked golden-brown pastry, and the choice of salted egg yolk or melon seeds for an extra burst of flavour. For sharing between family and friends, choose between the regular-sized Less Sugar White Lotus with Melon Seeds Mooncake, Less Sugar White Lotus with 1 Yolk Mooncake and Less Sugar White Lotus with 2 Yolks Mooncake – all the flavours we love without the guilt. PrimaDéli also offers a range of mini baked mooncakes. Fans can select their personal favourite between theLess Sugar Mini Pure Lotus Mooncake, Less Sugar Mini White Lotus Mooncakeand Less Sugar Mini White Lotus with Yolk Mooncake.

Try all of the flavours with the Heavenly Mini Mooncake Gift Set available for purchase at $55.30 per box of nine mini baked mooncakes.

PrimaDéli Mooncakes 2022 – Moon Rabbit Cake

Welcome the Jade rabbit into your home this Mid-Autumn Festival with the limited-edition Moon Rabbit Cake. Featuring an adorable pair of white rabbits against the backdrop of a full moon, the moon rabbit cake is sure to capture the hearts of children with its endearing design. The seasonal special is made with moist and soft chocolate sponge cake, layered with thick, luscious truffle chocolate cream – the perfect cake for all the chocolate-lovers out there. The Moon Rabbit Cake is available from 15 Aug for $18.80 (One size only, approx. 300g)

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