Pokemon Go Trainer Level Up XP Requirements, Unlocks & Rewards

Yes, it has finally been confirmed that Level 40 is the end level for Pokemon Go (for now). To help all aspiring Pokemon Trainers out there on the path to the ultimate Pokemon Nirvana, here’s our lowdown on the Pokemon Go Trainer Level Up XP Requirements, unique Unlocks along the way and Rewards that awaits them when they reach there. Pokemon Level Chart is created by TheSilphRoad Research Group. You may also want to read Pokemon Go Guide – Tips & Cheats To Catch Them All to help you speed up your level up!

Level 1 to 10

Level 5: Entire Gym battling mechanic unlocks. Potions and Revives which are items necessary to get your defeated Pokemon back into the action also gets unlock and will begin to be available at Pokestops.

Level 8: Razz Berries which reduces a Pokemon’s chance to escape from the Pokeball the next time you hit it with a Pokeball gets unlocked. You can only use them during the Pokemon catching minigame, and there’s a chance the Pokemon could escape the ball anyway, so you may have to use Razz Berries multiple times during a fight.

Level 10: Super Potions gets unlocked and begin to be available at Pokestops. Each Super Potions heals 50HP.

Pokemon Go XP Requirements (1 - 10) - AspirantSG

Level 11 – 20

Level 12: Great Balls unlocks. Great Balls can make it easier to catch high-difficulty Pokemon. Using a Great Ball instead of a regular Pokeball changes the shrinking ring in the catching minigame from yellow to green, and reduce the Pokemon’s chance to jump out of the ball.

Level 15: Hyper Potions unlocks. Hyper Potions heal Pokemon by 200HP and start getting useful once you start owning a lot of extremely powerful, high-CP Pokemon.

Level 20: Ultra Balls gets unlocked. Like Great Balls, they make it easier to catch difficult-to-catch Pokemon.

Pokemon Go XP Requirements (11 - 20) - AspirantSG

Level 21 – 30

Trainer level increases the CP of the Pokemon you see in the wild. You will start to come across regular Pokemon like Pidgey or Spearow who are more powerful than Pidgeots or Fearows you evolved when you first started playing. So reserve your stardust!.

Pokemon Go XP Requirements (21 - 30) - AspirantSG

Level 31 – 40

However, Wild Pokemon cap is at Level 30.  Beyond Level 30, the same max CP Pokémon will be found. This is when you should start spending the candy and stardust to upgrade your best Pokemon to your level’s cap based on their CP arc.

To level from 39 to 40 takes freaking Five Million XP when going from 1 to 40 takes Twenty Million. Good luck on your way to be the ultimate Pokemon Trainer. It is going to take months!

Pokemon Go XP Requirements (31 - 40) - AspirantSG

We hope you find our Pokemon Go Guide – Trainer Level Up XP Requirements, Unlocks & Rewards useful. You may also want to read Pokemon Go Guide – Tips & Cheats To Catch Them All to help you speed up your level up! Trainers who want to find Pokemon outside their region by check out ExpressVPN’s guide on changing your Pokemon Go location!

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