Pokemon GO Spotlight Hours – Featured Pokemons & Bonuses In June 2021

Niantic has implemented a Spotlight Hour event every Tuesday for years. If you are always looking forward to Pokemon GO Spotlight Hour events every month, you will be thrilled to know that instead of one, they will be hosting five Spotlight Hour events in June 2021. The question on everyone’s mind will be which Pokemon will be featured and when it is happening. Each of the following Spotlight Hour events will take place from 6:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. local time on their respective dates. Read on as we unveil the details.

Pokemon GO Spotlight Hours – 1st June

June 1st: The featured Pokemon for the first Spotlight Hour in June 2021 will be none other than the Rock/Bug-type, Dwebble. Fans aren’t exceptionally thrilled about this pick, though Dwebble does get a lot stronger once it evolves into Crustle. Players will get to take advantage of a double XP bonus for every Pokemon caught during the event.

Pokemon GO Spotlight Hours – 8th June

June 8th: The second Spotlight Hour in June will star the Psychic-type Pokemon, Abra. Trainers were particularly excited about this choice as Abra, and its evolutions are highly sought after in the mobile game. In addition, players will get a chance to rack up their Abra candies because the bonus will be a 2X candy reward for each Pocket Monster caught.

Pokemon GO Spotlight Hours – 15th June

June 15th: Slowpoke, the dual Water/Psychic-type, will be the highlight of this hour-long event. The Kanto region native has been well-received by players of the game, so fans will be pleased to learn that they’ll have plenty of encounters with Slowpoke on June 15th. Every Pokemon transferred during this Spotlight Hour will garner a trainer twice the amount of candy as usual.

Pokemon GO Spotlight Hours – 22nd June

June 22nd: The fourth Spotlight Hour event of the month will focus on Swinub, the first evolution of Mamoswine. Trainers that haven’t managed to get a Mamoswine on their team will have a great opportunity to rack up the necessary Swinub candy during this event. Every Pokemon evolved during the event will earn players double XP.

Pokemon GO Spotlight Hours – 29th June

June 29th: Finally, Aipom will be rounding out June’s featured Pokemon in Spotlight Hours. The Normal-type Pocket Monster isn’t hugely popular but can certainly still have its uses in the mobile game. Players will benefit from earning 2x the amount of Stardust for each Pokemon caught.

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