Top 7 Pineapple Tarts To Try Out In Singapore This CNY

The awesome feeling of a tender, buttery pineapple tart melting in your mouth is one that cannot be explained, only experienced. Pineapple tarts are one of the most popular snack treats in Asia, and for good reason too. These bite-sized snacks made from corn starch are like pint-sized pieces of heaven in your mouth. Popular in most of Asia, there is a slightly noticeable difference in change from region to region as everyone has varying recipes. One thing that doesn’t change wherever you are is that buttery melt-in your mouth texture that announces to your stomach that something good has touched base. 

Pineapple Tarts – What Is It Made Of?

The pastry is usually made from a mixture of cornstarch, egg yolk and butter to give the outwards texture. The pineapple jam is usually made by slowly reducing and caramelizing the already shredded pineapples that have been mixed with sugar and spices.

Pineapple Tarts – Why CNY?

Pineapple tarts are an important part of Chinese New Year celebrations in Singapore. They are a staple for most Singaporeans during the celebrations and a must-have for all households. Since the New Year Celebrations are almost here and you probably will want to have a lot of pineapple tarts for the holidays, we have gone ahead to bring to you 7 places where you can get the best pineapple tarts in Singapore.

1. Pineapple Tarts From Poon Confectionary

Great quality and affordable, what more could one ask for in a pineapple tart store?

Poon Confectionary is new in Singapore so you may not find them on many other lists but rest assured, they will soon be on every list of the best confectionary stores around. Although they are new in Singapore, they already have a reputation in their native homeland of Malaysia where they have been active for almost 50 years.

Every part of the pineapple tarts from Poon Confectionary is homemade with no preservatives added. The tarts have a soft, tender crust that melts almost immediately in your mouth, giving you a creamy feel alongside that sweet taste of pineapple filling. One taste of these pineapple tarts and you will be stuck on them for the entire holiday season.

The only reason you may not get stuck on them is if you eat the cheese pineapple tarts which taste even better.

You can get 21 pieces of these wonderfully delightful pineapple tarts for just $15.72.

The best part is that you don’t have to go to them to get it, you can order online here. It will be delivered when, where and to whom you want.


2. Joyus Pastries

Another store with a penchant for homemade pastries. Joyus Pastries make sure to use the best of ingredients and handmake all their products.

Their pineapple tarts are made using a traditional recipe handed down from generation to generation. The kneading, rolling, cutting, moulding and packing of the tarts are all done very professionally and cleanly.

The homely setup of their stores also makes them a comfortable place to bring your family for a treat. Joyous pastries’ pineapple tarts are a local favourite in the Tanjong neighbourhood. If you are around there, you should give them a try.

For $21 you can get a 20+ piece box of Joyous pastries’ pineapple tarts.

Contact: T: 6455 6757 | M: 9618 1238 | E: | Mon-Fri: 11am – 4pm & Sat, Sun & PH: Closed

3. Kele Confectionary

In 2013, Kele Confectionary had their pineapple tarts awarded the best in the whole of Singapore. Yes, the pineapple tarts are that good here. Kele Confectionary has for over 30 years dedicated themselves to bringing the entire population of Singapore the best of pineapple tarts.

While the title of ‘best pineapple tarts in Singapore’ may be debatable, we can assure you that theirs’ are some of the best around. The dedication to using top-shelf ingredients to provide optimum satisfaction is one of the backbones of their set up. This has earned them a lot of dedicated customers.

You can get a tin of 725g of pineapple tarts for $21.40

Address: No.2 Smith Street, Chinatown Singapore 058917 | Business Hours: Sunday – Thursday: 10:00am – 8:00pm & Friday – Saturday 10:00am – 9:00pm

4. Mr Bean

Mr Bean’s is built on the philosophy of life’s simple pleasures and their pineapple tarts definitely qualify as just that. The people at Mr Bean believe that it is these simple pleasures in life that fill us up and move us.

A bite of their pineapple tarts is a reflection of that belief. The rich buttery pastry has a generous topping of pineapple jam that just crumbles in your mouth for a uniquely filling taste.

As a store that has been in the business for more than 10 years, they definitely know what they are doing. If you’re a Singaporean, you definitely have seen Mr Bean’s stores around!

Mr Bean’s pineapple tarts are sold for $14.80 for 400g

5. Bakerzin

Recently voted as one of the Top 3 yummiest Pineapple Tarts, Bakerzin is definitely one of the best in the business. They have two main types of pineapple tarts: the yuan bao pineapple tart and the parmesan pineapple tart.

They yuan bao pineapple tart is their signature cookie and is what most people opt for when eating at Bakerzin. The skillfulness of the bakers is evident in the taste of the smoothness of the cookies and the succulent taste of the pineapple jam.

The parmesan cheese is made from Parmigiano cheese from Italy and also makes for an excellent treat.  A box of yuan bao pineapple tarts cost $29.80 and contains 21 pieces.

Contact: Location: 101 Thompson Road, United Square Shopping Mall

6. D’Pastry

Buying from D’pastry will require you to not judge the book by its cover. The store’s entrance doesn’t look so attractive but once you are inside, the experience is very different. Aside from the staff who are awesome and friendly, the pastries on an array are wonderful.

The pineapple tarts here have a light flaky texture that gives a crispy chew in your mouth.  They are available at $22 for a 20+ box piece.

Address: 3020 Ubi Avenue 2, #01-121 Singapore 408896 | Tel: +65 6742 7168

7. Bengawan Solo

Having been active for the past thirty years, Bengawan Solo have mastered the art of making delightful pineapple tarts. Their pineapple tarts have attained legendary status in Singapore.

The tarts have a sour taste on biting them but consecutive chews will reveal a buttery texture balanced with flaky pastry and slightly fibrous fruit.

Regular pineapple tarts cost around $19.80 for a regular sized box. They have several outlets in Singapore with their main outlet being at 391A Orchard Road, Takashimaya (Ngee Ann City), B207-2-2.

Phone : +65 6756 9088 | Fax : +65 6756 9089 | Email : 

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