How To Pick A Men’s Haircut – The Best Styles For Your Face Shape

Most guys like to think they know what style looks best on them. And while men often pick a hairstyle that’s worked for them in the past, have you ever wondered if you’re picking the best haircut for your head shape? If not, you’ll want to check out our quick and easy guide to choosing a cool hairstyle that suits you!

What Face Shape Do You Have?

You may not be aware, but certain men’s face shapes look better with specific haircuts. Because sharp features or long faces can be further accentuated by the cut and style you choose, picking the wrong one can bring more attention to asymmetry on your face or a weirdly shaped head.

So when it comes to face shape, there are a few possibilities – you can have an oval, square, round, oblong, diamond, or triangle head shape. To determine what shape your face is, you’ll have to look for key characteristics.

Or you can just check out this guide. Put together by expert stylists, this resource describes each shape and then gives examples of cool hairstyles for men to try. The guide even indicates whether guys should grow a beard or stay clean shaven.

The best part is that the graphic comes with illustrations. So if you aren’t sure what a quiff, pompadour, slick back, or faux hawk is, then you’ll be able to find out quickly and decide if you’d like to get the cut on your next visit to the barbershop!

We highly recommend you guys bookmark this page and show it to your barber before your next haircut!

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