The Ultimate Holiday Checklist For Practical Pet Travels Planning

As pet-parents who are often too attached to their furry or feathered companions, it becomes difficult to think of leaving them behind and travelling alone. Whether you plan on going for a vacation or you have to travel due to work, we stress out for our pet’s well-being and how will they manage without us being there to cuddle them and care for their needs. Although there are pets that aren’t big fans of travel and are better off if left back home, others such as dogs can make for excellent travel companions. So if you are planning a trip and intend on taking your pets along, here is a checklist to help you prepare for travel, so you don’t end up missing on any of the essentials. 

Gather Your Pet’s Documentation

The first step is to research what documents are required by the destination country. Some countries have stricter requirements so you need to start preparing a few months in advance so you can have everything in place. Proof of vaccinations and healthcare certificates are mostly required so make sure your pup is up to date on the shots. Other than that a few countries may require you to microchip your pet or need you to make quarantine arrangments so do check the details and choose a destination accordingly.

Look for a Pet-Friendly Airline

If you will be travelling via air, it is best to get the reservations beforehand as most airlines only let a limited number of pets in the cabin. Furthermore, there are specific rules regarding each type of pet allowed, for instance, some airlines permit all household birds in the cabin except for cockatoos. Similarly dogs over a particular weight limit travel via the cargo. It is best to contact each airline and get the required information regarding their rules and the fee for pet travel.

Book an Accommodation that Suits Your Pet

Due to the increased demand for pet-friendly accommodations, various travel destinations have hotels and lodges that welcome pets. You can check the reviews on Trip Advisor and find great deals on booking websites that can help you save a lot. I would suggest you begin your research a few months in advance to be able to secure the best offers. Some businesses do advertise to be pet-friendly, but they have strict rules, and your pets are confiscated to their rooms whereas others provide facilities such as pet-sitting, and your pet gets luxurious treatment. You can read up on the rules on a particular website or call them up to be sure of the policies before making a reservation.

Purchase a Pet Carrier

Whether you are flying to your holiday destination with your pet or planning a road trip, you will require a carrier in both cases. For air travel from or into the U.S., you will need a U.S.D.A. approved carrier so purchase one beforehand and acclimate your pet to it. The crate should have a waterproof base and should have sufficient space for your pet to stand up and turn around. Make sure it has water and food bowls and add your pup’s and cat’s favourite toys inside to help them get comfortable.

As for travelling by car, you can use your pup’s regular crate; this way you will also be able to leave your pet in the hotel room alone since most hotels require the animal to be kept in a crate if the parent needs to step out.

Some people also travel with their pet birds, in this situation, you will need a travel cage that can be secured using a seat-belt so make sure you purchase a high-quality cage. Place it in the back seat and be sure to remove hard objects that may cause injury to your bird in case of a sudden stop.

Get the Essential Supplies

Alright so let’s look at the essential supplies that you will need for pet travel. You can add whatever you consider necessary for your pet to the list and keep it handy during shopping and packing, so you don’t end up forgetting anything:

  • First-Aid Kit
  • Food and Water for Your Pet
  • Cleaners and cage liners for your bird’s cage
  • Leash, tags, blanket (optional) for your pooch
  • Some delicious treats like peanuts for birds and your pet’s favourite toys

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