Why You Need A Personal Injury Lawyer

Accidents are very unpleasant experiences, especially if they were caused by no fault of yours and the other person is the cause of it. Or when you slip and fall in a mall or someone else’s property. It is also bad when someone breaches a contract you have, which could cost you in many ways. So what do you do about all of it? You have a right to seek compensation under the law as every bit of this cause mentioned above falls under personal injury law. 

Personal injury covers a scope of actions that affect us in very detrimental ways, usually caused by somebody else. In very simple words, in a personal injury case, the fault is usually the other person’s. However, you have to prove that indeed the other person should be held responsible. That is, if it’s an accident case, you have to prove that the other driver caused the accident or that the owner of a property’s actions or inactions caused your slip and fall. 

The scope of personal injury cases covers a lot of things. It is not only about the physical or bodily injury. It also includes actions that may hurt our emotional or psychological wellbeing as this could affect us as a whole. In short, anything that causes us discomfort as a result of any other person’s action could be termed as personal injury. This includes slander or libel in newspapers, fraud, abuse of any sort, and so forth. 

The good news, however, is that you are entitled to some compensation. How do you become eligible for it? You need to present a good claim and prove that the other person was indeed at fault. But how can you do this by yourself? This is why you need a good lawyer or firm like The Clark Law Office.

Personal injury cases may be less technical than other aspects of law, but one has to be very prepared if one hopes to pursue a claim and be rewarded some compensation. Having a lawyer by your side can make all the difference. This is because a lawyer, especially one with years of experience, knows exactly what you need to do and would help you get it done. Also, the lawyer is quite aware of laws that you may have no idea about, such as the statute of limitations law.

The statute of limitations simply means the timeframe within which you can bring in a case before the court. In Michigan, the statute of limitations for personal injury cases is three years. That means you have three years to come before the court to seek compensation for the accident you were involved in. This is something you may not readily know, but a personal injury lawyer would be quite aware of it and help you pursue your claims in time. 

Another important reason why you need a lawyer is that you need to establish your claim first. How can you prove that the other person was indeed at fault? You do not rely on emotions. You need hard facts, something a personal injury lawyer can help you gather. He can help you with all the evidence you need to show that the other person was the cause. Things you may easily overlook may be important pieces of evidence that a lawyer can use in your favor. 

A personal injury lawyer can also help you get medical treatment, even when you have no money, with the promise that you would pay once you get your due compensation. He can also help you talk to your creditors to give you more time regarding your debt, which is something that you may not be able to do, given your condition. 

Above all, a lawyer can also help you calculate how much compensation is due. This is very important as we may not know the extent of the injury or damages and ask for compensation that is far below what we deserve. If you are involved in an accident, you would send yourself to the hospital and treat yourself with your own money, miss out on work, thereby losing wages, and suffer emotional and psychological trauma. In other words, you lose a lot more than you know and you may not be able to correctly calculate it. But a lawyer who has dealt with similar cases knows how much compensation you require that would be just and fair. 

Involving a lawyer does not necessarily mean going to court. Sometimes, when things are managed properly, you will not need to face a judge. The other party might seek an out-of-court settlement, which would mean negotiation, something you are not very good at, and you may be pressured or intimidated to collect far less than you deserve, or in totally dropping your claims. A lawyer is the right person you need to handle the settlement. If he is unsatisfied with the other party, then he may take it to court.  

Hiring a personal injury lawyer makes the difference as it prevents you from being cheated or walking away empty-handed. At the Clark law office, we have such personal injury lawyers seeking to help you gain what is rightfully yours.  

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