Path Restaurant Singapore: Asian Flavours With A Modern European Twist

Albert Einstein once said, “you can’t use an old map to explore a new world.” And so it follows that we map the world anew every day. After all, we are the heroes of our own stories; for those with the eyes to see, we each shape our own realities with the choices we make and the paths we take. Thus is this the story of Path Restaurant Singapore, created by Chef Marvas Ng, by his team and by you – his guests.

Path Restaurant Singapore is the inaugural restaurant by Chef Marvas Ng in partnership with 1855 F&B; a dream made real after a long winding journey where he began as official “feather- plucker of chickens” in his grandmother’s kitchen to serving critically acclaimed French fine dining for over a decade in China and Hong Kong, and fine modern European fare in a renowned resort in Singapore.

In Path Restaurant Singapore, Chef Marvas chooses to chart a personal map, and tread what is, for him, new ground for his cuisine – forging forward with his culinary techniques and approach through research and refinement, and revisiting his own roots and inclinations with the flavours.

With a precise balance between his hard-earned French finesse and his favoured East Asian ingredients, sauces and condiments, Chef Marvas serves Modern Asian fare that feels and tastes sumptuous, yet possesses a reassuring familiarity that warms the heart.

And in line with the food, the dining experience is quite unlike the more sedate ambience of his fine-dining background – a light, airy and welcoming space where guests can choose the experience they want most. If a relaxed yet buzzy ambience is their heart’s desire, the main dining room is perfect. In the daytime, the soft colour palette and open plan offer a sense of soaring space; dinner time offers flattering illumination and an after-hours sparkle to the ambience.

Time-restricted lunch guests will appreciate the sets – which they can curate according to their preferences from the many choices offered. Those who have the leisure to lunch at their own pace will truly enjoy the lunch a-la-carte options. Likewise, dinner guests will find the dinner a-la-carte a gateway to rediscovering the pleasures of dining out. Organised as small and large plates – each as exciting as the other, the dinner a-la-carte presents endless opportunities to nibble, share and feast as they like, to make merry and create their dream culinary experience.

For intimacy, comfort and repose, the private dining rooms serve best; curated set menus – easily customised to preference and purpose – are available for a greater sense of exclusivity. Should a culinary adventure be the goal, the hidden chef’s table is where Chef Marvas takes excited lead to create omakase-style dinners, up-close and personal.

Path Restaurant Singapore – Layers of Flavours

In a similar way, the food is a multi-layered experience where each dish is a seamless composition of French fine-dining techniques and presentation, comforting East Asian flavours, and that indefinable je ne sais quoi that comes from a strong personal perspective.

Consider for example the Signature Butter-Roasted Herb-Brined French Poulet, served with Hong Kong Scallion Salsa and Daikon Sword Leaf Lettuce Roll. The preparation brings together French and East Asian culinary principles and techniques seamlessly woven together for a dish so flavourful it lingers in the memory and palate.

For instance, rather than using a simple salt solution in the brining process, Chef Marvas begins building flavour from the start by adding into the brine a selection of Chinese herbs such as dang gui (angelica root), dang shen (codonopsis) and chuan siong (Chinese lovage root). After at least 16 hours, the bittersweet flavour of the herbs whisper through the whole chicken – soft but distinct, a perfect foil for the richness incorporated by butter roasting where every part of the chicken is thickly slathered in unsalted European butter, then roasted.

And like any good French dish, the sauce plays an important role though a personal touch sidles in here. Inspired by Hong Kong-style ginger scallion sauces, Chef Marvas offers a personalised take that begins with chopped ginger that is confit for hours, then mixed with a generous quantity of raw green scallions to create a refreshing accompaniment that adds another layer of flavour to every bite.

Then, inspired by childhood dinner memories and his personal preference for a light fresh meal, Chef Marvas serves the juicy chicken with crisp fresh vegetable rolls, each painstakingly handmade with thinly sliced daikon, sword leaf lettuce, enoki and Chinese spinach.

Wine lovers will also find Path to be the start of an exciting journey. The team has chosen to focus on grape varietals, quality and the discovery of little-knowns. For instance, Spanish label Dominio del Aguila and South African winery Alheit Vineyards may both be new to Singapore but are rising international stars whose wines have received praise from respected publications such as Wine Advocate and prominent critics such as award-winning wine journalist and Master of Wine Tim Atkin.

While many great well-known labels will still be available, connoisseurs will be able to rediscover the nuances and excitement of exploration with much of the wine list. Novices, on the other hand, will find Path a friendly place to begin their new journey into the world of wine.

Of particular interest to wine lovers will be the regular updates of wines sold by the glass. The team intends to rotate through different types and styles of wines – naturally still with a focus on quality so that even regulars will have something new to discover and enjoy when dining solo or waiting for late friends to arrive.

Path Restaurant Singapore – It’s About The Journey

This idea of journeying, of creating paths into new worlds is imbued into the service style and ambience of Path.

While welcoming and graceful, the space is given character and individuality by using the idea of topographical maps to inform the final visual approach; and, inspired by Chef Marvas’ own food philosophy and the dishes he creates, focuses on creating free-flowing curves and contours, and on creating layers and textures.

Guests will undoubtedly find their attention captured by striking interior features such as the main dining room’s cleverly designed ambient light fixtures that meander across the walls and ceilings in gentle curves and swirls, but will also be charmed by subtle details such as the layered backs of the customised booth seating and the discreet tasteful patterns on the wall.

Service is naturally complementary. While perfectly professional, the commonality that winds through is a sense of joyful welcome, and a small touch of the theatrical – clearly seen with the presentation of dishes such as Hand-Dived Hokkaido Scallops where the staff will not only serve but will also finish the dish tableside, and take the time and effort to explain the dish and any unusual ingredients.

Unsurprising, perhaps, as Chef Marvas’ long years of experience and expertise, his own finely honed sense of responsibility and consideration, informs the restaurant’s own sensibilities. For him, the matter is simple: “if the guest decides to spend hours with us, we have a responsibility to ensure that they enjoy every aspect of that time.”

In Path, Chef Marvas has created an experience that he himself wishes to have every day, as both diner and as chef. Dining and cooking evolved from something he enjoyed into a passion: the small steps of his daily joys are paved into the long winding path of his life and career, where the everyday layers into the greater whole. And the best thing? Path is an open invitation, to step onto the path with Chef Marvas to a joyful new dining journey every day.

Path Singapore Singapore – Make A Date

Address: 12 Marina Boulevard,Tower 3, #01-05/06 Marina Bay Financial Centre, Singapore 018982 | Operating Hours: Mon – Fri, Lunch 11.30am to 2pm, Dinner 6pm to 9pm & Sat Dinner 6pm to 9pm. Closed on Sun & Public Holidays | Tel: +65 6443 0180 | Email: [email protected] | Website: | Facebook: Path Restaurant | Instagram: @pathdining

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