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Ultimate Guide To Family Fun & Activities At Paradigm Mall Johor Bahru

Looking for a perfect destination that caters to the entire family? Look no further than Paradigm Mall Johor Bahru, where a world of excitement and entertainment awaits. Whether you have little ones, adventurous teenagers, or parents seeking relaxation, this mall has something for everyone. Let’s explore the top family-friendly activities that will create cherished memories for all.

1. Scale New Heights at Camp5

Camp5 Climbing Gym at Level 7 is not just for fitness enthusiasts; it’s an exhilarating experience for the whole family. Kids and adults alike can conquer the 15-meter-high walls, guided by expert instructors. First-timers can join the Try Climbing session, while experienced climbers can enjoy a full day of thrilling climbs. Don’t forget to refuel at the in-house café after your adventure!

2. Glide and Twirl on Ice at Blue Ice Skating Rink

Unleash your inner figure skater at JB’s first and only ice skating rink. The Blue Ice Skating Rink on Level 3 offers a spacious and mesmerizing setting for an enchanting family experience. With affordable entry passes and complimentary skate rentals, you can gracefully glide across the ice while creating unforgettable moments together.

3. Immerse in Adventure at Utopia Jungle World Children’s Theme Park

Say goodbye to boredom as your kids embark on a wild adventure at Utopia Jungle World Children’s Theme Park. The indoor jungle-themed playground features giant ball pits, slides, and mini obstacle courses that will keep the little ones entertained for hours. Let them enjoy the bumper car rides and experience the joy of driving, all within a safe and cushioned environment.

4. Enjoy the Magic of Movies at Golden Screen Cinemas

Treat the family to a cinematic experience like no other at Golden Screen Cinemas. With 16 movie halls and a wide selection of films, you can relax and enjoy the latest blockbusters at affordable prices that cannot be found in Singapore. For an extra touch of excitement, opt for the 4DX theatres that offer immersive effects like snow, bubbles, and rain, making the movie-watching experience truly memorable.

5. Relive the Arcade Era at Fun Scape

Step back in time and introduce your children to the joy of classic arcade games at Fun Scape. Challenge each other in Dance Dance Revolution, engage in air hockey competitions, try your luck at claw machines, and more. The arcade offers a variety of games that will evoke nostalgia in parents and create new memories for the younger ones.

6. Sing To Your Heart Desires At SingCube

SingCube offers an unparalleled karaoke experience with the best audio and visual equipment. Their beautifully designed rooms cater to various group sizes and weekday room prices are very reasonable, starting at RM12 per room for 30 minutes for 1-2 persons, RM15 for 2-4 persons, and RM25 for 5-7 persons. For weekends and holidays, prices start at RM15, RM20, and RM30 for 30 minutes for respective group sizes. SingCube also offers food and beverages allowing you to refresh and refuel without leaving the fun behind​!

7. Take Your Shot At Stars Archery

Stars Archery offers a unique and exhilarating experience that will delight the whole family. Requiring no prior experience, their team of experienced and qualified instructors is always on hand to provide guidance, making sure each arrow hits its mark while ensuring safety at all times.

For families, archery is a fun way to instil focus, determination, and patience in younger family members while fostering a healthy sense of competition. Whether you are looking to become an expert marksman or just looking for a fun day out, Stars Archery is an excellent choice.

8. Embrace the Tech Enthusiast Culture with Impulse Gaming

For tech-savvy families and gaming enthusiasts, Paradigm Mall Johor Bahru offers a special treat in the form of Impulse Gaming. Initially known for its expertise in PC components and its contribution to the PC-building movement, Impulse Gaming has garnered a devoted following among PC and DIY enthusiasts.

Beyond the vast selection of the latest PC components, consumer electronics, smart home devices, and gaming products, you can also find LEGO and other gaming collectibles here!

9. Unleash Your Shopaholic Instincts

Shopping is a must-do activity for any family outing, and Paradigm Mall Johor Bahru has you covered. Immerse yourself in the dynamic retail experience, where shopping meets entertainment. Home to a vast array of fashion brands such as Uniqlo, H&M, Levi’s, Skechers, and Cotton On, the mall caters to all styles and preferences. My mom particularly loves that Parkson is here too!

10. Feast On Local Delights, Desserts & More

Indulge in a vibrant food journey at Paradigm Mall, Johor Bahru! There is something for everyone in the family! Take a flavourful plunge into local cuisine at Penang Chendul, where you can savour the beloved Malaysian dessert, Cendol after your fill of Malaysian cuisine.

Satisfy your cravings for sumptuous Chinese food at the renowned Loon Sing Restaurant. For lovers of fast food, favourites like Marrybrown and A&W which are tough to get in Singapore would be a good option. To end on a sweet note, Moody Cow Cafe crafts an assortment of decadent desserts that are not to be missed.

And no visit is complete without stopping by Lavender Bakery, an absolute must for Singapore shoppers, which offers a wide variety of delicious pastries, cakes, and bread.

11. Take A Break From All The Shopping

Among the mall’s selection of health and wellness services, Siam Oasis stands out as a beacon of tranquillity, offering luxurious traditional Thai massages that will soothe your body and rejuvenate your spirit. A brand trusted by many Singaporeans, Siam Oasis employs expert therapists who use time-honoured techniques to release tension, improve circulation, and promote overall well-being. Whether you’re taking a break from shopping, or planning a dedicated day of self-care, it is a must-visit for indulgent massage experiences.

12. Cash In On ‘The Ultimate Rewards’

Paradigm Mall Johor Bahru is currently running ‘The Ultimate Reward,’ making it an even more enticing destination for families. From now until September 30, 2023, the mall presents a series of enticing programs designed to enhance the shopping experience. Singapore shoppers are especially invited to participate in this campaign, which includes the Hotel Guests Reward, WCT Buddy Kids Reward, Tourist Reward (in partnership with Visa Malaysia and Starbucks), and the Tourist Privilege Scheme. These programs offer exciting perks and privileges, ensuring that every visit to the mall is truly rewarding. Visit ‘The Ultimate Reward‘ to find out more!

With a plethora of activities and amenities to suit every family member’s preferences, Paradigm Mall Johor Bahru ensures an unforgettable day out. From thrilling adventures to leisurely shopping and indulgent dining options, this family-friendly destination has it all. Plan your visit today and create beautiful memories that will be cherished for years to come.

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