Journey to Home – OSCAS Dogs Adoption Drive & Fundraiser

As the year comes to a close, the volunteer-run animal shelters located at Pasir Ris are on a mission to get homes for their dogs and raise funds for the enforced move to Sungei Tengah, planned for early 2018. OSCAS (Oasis Second Chance Animal Shelter), set up in 2006 by two local dog-loving ladies, is one such shelter that presently houses around 130 dogs and relies on public donations to survive. On 18 November, OSCAS is organising a special event named Journey to Home as an adoption drive and fundraiser for OSCAS dogs. 

Some regular volunteers, consisting of expats and locals, who have been working with these dogs for a considerable time are organising a series of shelter tours and a focused event on Saturday, 18 November 2017. This maiden attempt to host the event on-site is to try and give as many dogs a chance, as possible.

Journey to Home – An adoption drive and fundraiser for OSCAS dogs

Date:   Saturday 18 November 2017

Time:  1 – 5 PM

Venue:  18 Pasir Ris Farmway 2, Ericsson Pet Farm, Singapore 591323

“The dogs we have here are all rescued from the Changi area. With development and expansion we had to take them in or they would have been killed. They’ve given up their ‘space’ for Singapore’s development and we hope they can finally find warm and loving families that will give them a place to call home.” says Mary Soo, one of the OSCAS Co-Founders and a respected figure in Singapore’s animal welfare circles.

With the impending displacement to a smaller shelter, OSCAS frantically needs to find homes for dogs that are high on its adoption list and also raise funds to help manage the costs of the move and look after the health of the dogs under their care.

Guided shelter tours at OSCAS starting this October 2017

Starting Saturday 7 October, there will be a series of small group shelter tours every Saturday until 18th November, to meet and learn more about the OSCAS dogs. The aim behind the shelter tours is to raise awareness and introduce these dogs to potential fosterers, adopters or volunteers. For potential adopters, this is a chance to find the ‘best fit’ dog for them to consider adopting.  To register for a shelter tour please email:

Those attending the shelter tours or the main event on 18 November will have a chance to tap into the wealth of insights and experience brought by the regular volunteers to understand all aspects of the adoption or fostering process, and hopefully find the dog they have been looking for! There will also be information for those wishing to join as volunteers.

Donate to the fundraiser and buy raffle tickets to win prizes over $5,000

With limited funds and the massive expenses for the move, there is a need to create a special fund that will be kept for the medical and well-being of the dogs at OSCAS until homes can be found for them.

The volunteer team is running a Raffle with amazing prizes to be won: EXPEDIA staycation, Dining vouchers at the Fullerton, MBS, FOC Sentosa, Mega Adventure activities, Shopping vouchers, BACCO wines, Aalst Chocolate and other gift hampers plus more!

To donate, please visit and to buy a Raffle ticket or OSCAS 2018 Calendar, drop an email at

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