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The Origin Experience – Risk-Free Hybrid Mattress Built To Last & Made For Comfort

The Origin Hybrid® Mattress is a German design engineered by sleepers like you and me. Origin works with German sleep experts and conducted 9 major consumer polls to construct a mattress that is made for comfort and built to last. After nearly 100 density changes, Origin launched its very first hybrid mattress and have since become a household name in the mattress scene. Today, the mattress brand continues to work on delivering The Origin Experience with these exclusive perks:

1. Made with premium materials like natural latex

While other hybrid mattresses marry a mix of memory foam and pocket springs, Origin sets itself apart from other brands with an additional layer of natural latex.

Natural latex has long been a coveted material to enhance mattresses. Not only is it eco-friendly and allergen-free, but it relieves pressure points with its firm and supportive texture. Its long lifespan of more than 10 years makes it a sustainable investment but with a heavy cost — a hefty price tag in the thousands.

At Origin, however, the German design cleverly tackles this gap with a layer of natural latex instead of a full-on mattress made of said material. Consumers can now enjoy an affordable hybrid mattress from $399 without compromising on quality.

2. Uninterrupted sleep with Motion Isolation™

Thanks to Origin’s specially engineered Origin® Cooling Gel Ventilated Memory Foam and Micro Precision Springs™️, sleepers who co-share a bed will fall in love with Origin’s motion isolation features.

Origin® Cooling Gel Ventilated Memory Foam Micro Precision Springs™️


Efficient heat release in high-density, high rebound memory foam that minimizes motion transfer. Individually-pocketed springs move independently and adjust to sleeping movements and provide body support.

As such, any movement in the night goes unnoticed as the Origin Hybrid® Mattress works its magic. Light sleepers will finally have a restful sleep even if their sleeping partner tosses and turns in the night.

3. Airflow technology — made to combat Singapore’s humidity

Probably one of the most common problems in Singapore is waking up in sweat-stained sheets. With that in mind, Origin combats Singapore’s humidity with Origin’s Hypercool™ cooling technology in the form of a premium Tencel top layer.

Paired with a thermally conductive gel memory foam, the Tencel layer adds on with enhanced breathability and air circulation, creating a cooling effect throughout the night. Gone are the days when you have to blast the air-conditioner for a sweat-free night. With the Origin Hybrid® Mattress, bid goodbye to clammy nights.

Get Origin with 20-day trial & same-day delivery

The Origin Experience is not without its customised services and risk-free clauses. Whether you’re a first-time buyer or a repeated purchaser, you’ll find assurance in Origin’s 120 day night trial — a 4-month period where customers can put their Origin Hybrid® Mattress to the test and opt for a full refund should anything go wrong.

While there are no pick-up services available on the day of the refund, all new purchases come with free, same-day delivery. Simply indicate your preferred time slot and wait for Origin’s in-house delivery fleet to bring The Origin Experience to you.

For a limited time only, score up to 55% off an Origin Hybrid® Mattress now. Visit and get dibs on Singapore’s most comfortable mattress yet.

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