Year-end Trip? Make Changi Recommends Your One-stop Travel Concierge For All Needs!

Most Singaporeans would be familiar with the name Changi Recommends for their overseas WiFi router services. Reliable, reasonably priced and keeps you connected to all your friends and socials even when you’re not in Singapore. But did you know that ChangiWiFi is only a small part of what Changi Recommends has to offer? Here’s how all their other products and services will make your entire trip preparation (the most annoying part of travelling, I know) a whole lot easier. Make Changi Recommends your One-stop Travel Concierge for all needs today!

Attractions and Tours

  • Online booking, with almost instant confirmation and e-tickets, emailed straight to you
  • Cheaper than buying at the door
  • Skip the ticketing queues

Attractions are the highlight of any trip, and possibly even the biggest incentive for selecting the destination of choice (think: DISNEYLAND!). It’s a non-negotiable part of your travel, and you can only hope that you snag a good deal for it. Not only are the prices extremely competitive when you purchase through Changi Recommends, but you also will not have to worry about whether the queues on that day are too long, if they are sold out or if there are other unforeseen possibilities that will ruin your entire mood.

With instant e-tickets, you’re ready to party even before you board your flight. That feeling of guarantee, and also knowing that you won’t have to wake up an hour earlier just to queue to buy tickets, is exactly how a holiday should be – fun, stress-free and relaxed.

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  • Exclusive members discounts that make booking rates one of the best around
  • More than 300,000 properties to select from over 5,000 destinations

If you are looking for a bed to rest after a day of fun, check out the many accommodation options for every budget on Changi Recommends. If you already have a hotel in mind, the only thing left to ponder is which booking platform will give you the best deal. Do yourself a favour – take five minutes to compare ChangiHotels’ rates against the hotel booking platform you had in mind. No need to thank us when you are done; just remember to share this lobang with your friends too!

Promo code – HTLADSTAYS

Use the promo code to enjoy 10% off hotel booking, up to a maximum of $100. | Valid for bookings by 31 Oct 2019. | Valid for participating hotel properties | Discount is applicable to room rates only, excluding local taxes, service fees and additional charges) | Limited to the first 5,000 redemptions | This promotion cannot be use together with other deals, offers and discounts. | In case of dispute or abuse of promotion, the decision of Changi Recommends is final. | Changi Recommends reserves the rights, at its discretion, to remove and cancel the promotion without prior notice.

HyfeAssure Travel Insurance

  • Comprehensive coverage for all travel-related incidents
  • Instant $200 over-the-counter claims*
  • One of the cheapest travel insurance packages

We are not going to “mother” you with another nagging session on what you should or should not do. After all, if you can travel, we believe you should have the ability to make wise decisions and take care of yourself. And with this decision-making power in your hands, here are a couple of facts for you to consider:

  1. A basic insurance package can be as cheap as $10-20 for a short trip. Scrimping on that $20 will not be enough to cover a meal, an Uber ride or even souvenirs, but it will ensure that if you do lose your wallet or something (touch wood!), you’re covered. If you are paying hundreds for an air ticket alone, that $20 is not going to make a dent in your total expenditure. In terms of ROI, this small sum will prove to be one of the best investments ever.

  2. You’ve heard of how some claims might take months and countless emails and it is simply a waste of time. We totally agree. And that is why HyfeAssure’s payout (up to $200) are instant and done over the counter immediately when you touch down. Totally fuss-free and easy.

* proper documentation required e.g. overseas police report for lost IC. This is in accordance to Singapore’s law.

Promo code – MSHIPHYFE19: 60% off | Valid till 31 Dec 2019

Changi Recommends Foreign Exchange

  • Next day delivery to anywhere in Singapore
  • Daily exchange of SGD$300 – $4,999
  • Competitive rates pegged to Forex

In today’s day and age where even food deliveries are just a click away, Changi Recommends brings to you probably the most obvious pairing that surprisingly has not become a norm. With money changers thriving thanks to holiday goers’ constant lust for vacations, it only makes sense to finally bring the currencies to you instead of having you make your way to brick and mortar stores for the service.

Aside from the risk of having to lug a month’s salary around like a ninja to avoid being robbed, Changi Recommends’ Foreign Exchange delivers your cash straight to wherever you are to save precious time. Now you can focus on handing over your job to your colleagues properly without having to stress about something as mundane as changing your monies.

Changi Recommends Flight Booking and Airport Transfers

Yes, you can even book flights with Changi Recommends! Without even leaving the site, simply hop over to and book your tickets effortlessly. Once you are done with that, arrange for an airport transfer to your accommodation and you will have peace of mind that you will not need to navigate any concrete jungles after an intense, sleep-deprived flight. It could be tempting to think that a little exploration is harmless but do remember that dragging that luggage around will suck all the fun out of it. To be safe, always do a quick freshening up session first before embarking on your plans. Holidays are always smoother when everyone is in a better mood.


We have kept this for the last as you probably know what it is already. With over 20 counters spread across all four terminals, it is hard to miss Singapore’s leading overseas WiFi router when you are at Changi Airport. ChangiWiFi also recently won the inaugural Singapore Business Review Technology Excellence Award so its reliability speaks for itself. Stay connected with our promo code below when you book your router for your upcoming trip!

Promo codes – 2FREEDAYSBLOG For 2FREEDAYSAEUB (Australia, Europe & U.K., USA)

Book by 31 Oct for travels by 31 Dec 2019. | Minimum of 4 days rental, except for Australia, U.S.A. or Europe & U.K. | No minimum rental days required for rentals to Australia, U.S.A. or Europe & U.K. | Valid for single countries rental and Europe packages only. | Not applicable for package rental. | Fair data use policy applies. This is a regulation by the local network provider to prevent data abuse and network congestion. | In case of dispute, the decision of Changi Recommends is final. | Changi Recommends reserves the rights, at its discretion, to remove and cancel the promotion without prior notice.

If you have realised, Changi Recommends’ range of services collectively forms the majority of your travel preparation essentials no matter where you’re heading to. Accommodation, flight, itinerary, money, connectivity and protection; you just need your passport and clothes and you are good to go. By having them all under one roof, planning for your next trip will be a breeze because you can simply skip having to locate different suppliers for each individual aspect, and, worse, the possible nightmare of actually forgetting something.

With Changi Recommends as a one-stop Travel Concierge, there is no better travel companion. Even when issues crop up, we can’t guarantee that other portals will be able to provide any assistance but here are Changi Recommends’ hotlines (bookmark them!) that are operational 24/7 because problems don’t only crop up during office hours: call +65 6701 1185 and Whatsapp messaging service (General Enquiries: +65 9134 1516 or Technical Support: +65 8403 4722). 

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