Novotel Century Hong Kong MyRoom – Themed Rooms Designed By Staff

Located in the heart of the bustling Wanchai district, Novotel Century Hong Kong makes an excellent base to explore the Pearl of the Orient. We love how the hotel is just an 8-minute walk away from Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre; Wanchai Metro Station (MTR); Wan Chai Star Ferry and a 10-minute walk to Causeway Bay key shopping areas. In celebration of Novotel Century Hong Kong’s 25th anniversary, the hotel has recently unveiled 510 freshly renovated guest rooms. Other than the usual standard hotel rooms, this Accor hotel surprised us with their uniquely themed Novotel Century Hong Kong MyRoom designed by their staff!

Novotel Century Hong Kong MyRoom – Enhancement of Guestrooms

Novotel Century Hong Kong completed the renovation of all the room categories in January 2017. As one of the iconic hotels in the city, it features artistic feature wall and paintings depicting Hong Kong’s historical journey, modern curtain drapes, dress bed, contemporary lighting fixtures and plush carpet were added as part of the aesthetic design in line with the Novotel visual identity.

“Novotel Century Hong Kong is widely recognised for its ideal location and high service standards. The refurbishments will further enhance the overall guest experience. said Adam Hipp, General Manager of Novotel Century Hong Kong.

Novotel Century Hong Kong MyRoom – 3 Uniquely Designed Themed Rooms 

For us, the fun part of staying at Novotel Century Hong Kong was their themed MyRooms. MyRoom by Accorhotels is a new concept by Accorhotels where you get to stay in rooms that have been uniquely customized by hotel employees through the expression of their own passions.  The hotel hopes that you can feel and imagine the unique story and message behind the room from their staff. Novotel Century Hong Kong MyRoom offered 3 different themes for your selection. We selected ‘Fragrant Habour’ for our recent stay but we will also bring you through the chillax ‘Breeze’ and sweet ‘Rosemance’ too!

Novotel Century Hong Kong MyRoom – ‘Fragrant Harbour’ Nostalgic Themed MyRoom

This Myroom stands out from the other rooms on the same floor with a Chinese character ‘福’ on its door. 

Inspired by the name香港 which literally meant Fragrant Harbour, this room showcases the old days when Hong Kong was a traditional fishing village before it evolved into a major international financial centre.

Designed by Martha from Front Office, the room invites you to explore the magic of the city’s past!

Many of the city’s iconic past are being enshrined on its walls including Bruce Lee movie poster and old photos of how the city look decades ago.

I love how Martha went into the details of transforming our usual drinking utensils into relics of the past.

The entire bathroom was decked in oriental decor and we really adore the cute ‘Men’ & ‘Ladies’ sign in Mandarin. 

Do you still remember your Good Luck morning towels?

Novotel Century Hong Kong MyRoom – ‘Breeze’ Nautical Themed MyRoom

Sailing is one of Hong Kong’s great sports. Open this door to ‘Breeze’ Nautical Themed MyRoom. 

Designed by Michelle from Front Office, this room creates a nautical feel as if you were sailing in the breeze. 

This MyRoom provides you with an escape from the hustle & bustle of the city. 

No efforts were spared for the bathroom. You feel as though you are on a cruise.

It comes with matching bathrobes too! 

Novotel Century Hong Kong MyRoom – ‘Rosemance’ Sweet Romanic Themed MyRoom

This MyRoom makes the perfect room for couples or honeymooners looking for a romantic stay.

You get to indulge in a romantic room which features classical rose designs, soft lighting and floral scents.

This is a room full of love, complete with its own set of nightrobes!

Rest into the night with relaxing strawberry rose green tea.

Novotel Century Hong Kong MyRoom – Exclusive Privileges on Executive Floor

Folks who are staying on the executive floor will have access to the chic and vibrantly designed Executive Premier Lounge located on the top floor that overlooks Victoria Harbour and the residential neighbourhood. Daily breakfast, afternoon tea and evening cocktails are also available for your enjoyment in the Executive Premier Lounge. 

Novotel Century Hong Kong MyRoom – Book Your Next Hong Kong Stay!

Location and service aside, Novotel Century Hong Kong MyRoom is one of our key highlights during our stay. These themed MyRooms made the stay more delightful, showcased the creativity of the staff and offered a unique glimpse into the local culture. If you are thinking where to stay on your next trip to Hong Kong, I suggest you check them out. Here’s the full information:

Novotel Century Hong Kong

Address: 238 Jaffe Road Wanchai, Hong Kong | Website: www.novotelhongkongcentury.comTel: (+852) 2598 8888 |
[email protected] | Facebook: NovotelCenturyHK | Instagram: @novotel_century_hong_kong

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