Nordgreen Watches – Danish Timepieces By Bang & Olufsen Designer

Many would agree that a watch makes a man (and of course, a lady too). The folks behind Nordgreen couldn’t agree more. Every one of their Scandinavian designer watches is a representation of taste, personality, sportiness, class and sophistication, sometimes all at once. Nordgreen watches promises you the chance to get a true Scandinavian design timepiece, designed by Jakob Wagner who is responsible for designs from the likes of Bang & Olufsen, at a price point which is below the industry average. It currently operates 16 online stores in 16 countries with Singapore being its latest additions. Shipments, however, do take place on a global scale.

Nordgreen Watches – The Bang & Olufsen Designer Behind These Danish Timepieces

The brainchild behind Nordgreen designs is none other than Jakob Wagner, a renowned Danish designer. He’s won numerous awards. designed products for Bang & Olufsen, and other major Scandinavian brands, and even designed a firefighter breathing apparatus that’s featured in MoMA. Jakob is known for understanding user behaviour, simplistic design, superb craftsmanship, and functionality beyond what you even thought was functionality. So, that’s why Nordgreen wanted to work with him.

Nordgreen Watches – The Three Design Series

1. The Philosopher 

This series celebrates our ability to think differently. The shape of the case is conical, with a base wider than its face, creating a sharp characteristic two-piece dial that brings us hurtling through time to this moment now. The watch case has an elevated, and clean brushed look because of the way that the lugs tug under it. The asymmetric second hand that appears to continuously slice through time reminds us to learn from the past, act now, and create a better future. Shop your Philosopher in the men’s category!

2. The Native

This design series is all about balance. Scandinavian’s have found that balance is the secret to a happy life. The clean dial, subtle, light grey minute mark, and rounded lugs celebrate the feeling of balance at its essence. This perfectly balanced designer watch is the right watch for every occasion. Shop your Native in the women’s category!

3. The Infinity

This series is pure simplicity. Jakob Wagner wanted to remove all the complexity, leaving just the essentials. The watch doesn’t have the lugs, the date, and the fine detail of the hourly marks. The cone-shaped case, deep curved dial, and hourly marks that attach to the edge of the face move our imagination into thinking about the infinite space of the universe. Shop your Infinity in the men’s category!

Nordgreen Watches – Proud Legacy Of Nordic Design

Nordic design is a movement which gotten popular in the early 20th century and became proliferated across the world by the mid-1950’s. This wave introduced the concept of minimalism, functionality, and simplicity. While mid-century modernism was taking hold globally, Scandinavian countries still held onto their lead when it comes to leading-edge watch designs. This unfortunately also translated to a hefty price tag that comes with most of these Scandinavian design brands even until today. This unaffordable to the masses is something that Nordgreen wants to change.

Nordgreen Watches – The Belief

As watch lovers themselves, the folks at Nordgreen strives to create watches that they would wear every day. The design should go well with whatever they were, wherever they were heading and match all types of moods. That means this watch has to be simplistic, functional, and unique. Which coincidentally matches their roots – nothing trendy or over-the-top.

Success to them would come when you as the watch owner connects with your personal Nordgreen watch through a special bond. Guided by traditional Scandinavian design, a love for watches, and a desire to completely change the way you look at your watches ever again, they set forth to do the necessary.

Nordgreen Watches – The Giving Back

Nordgreen supports noble causes too. For every watch you purchase, you will get the chance to give to one of Nordgreen’s three charitable causes. There is a unique serial number on the back of every watch for you to log in to Nordgreen website which allows you to choose the charity you want to give to and see the story behind the cause.

For health, they partnered with Water for Good for you to contribute two months of clean water to one person in the Central African Republic. Folks who are into environment conservations will want to help preserve 200 sqm of rainforest in Latin America with Cool Earth. Last but not least, their partnership with Pratham UK ensures that a child in India gets 2 months of education each time you buy a watch. 

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