NHK WORLD Nagano Alpine Adventure Special Screening At Japan Rail Cafe

We adore Japan so you can imagine our excitement when we were invited by NHK WORLD to a special screening event at JAPAN RAIL CAFE last week! They are proud to announce the premiere of ‘Nagano Alpine Adventure’, a documentary produced by NHK Nagano on 26 August 2016. We are in for a treat at this event with the production team sharing the exclusive behind-the-scenes and highlights. Of course, having Domo, NHK WORLD’s adorable mascot greeting us at the event was an additional perk! 

Introduction to Nagano, Japan

Our friendly hosts shared with us that the Nagano area has become a popular resort destination for tourists from overseas. It’s known for its mountains that goes up to 3,000 meters high and the breathtaking views of the Japan Alps.

The attractions it has to offer may sound pretty elusive but you would be surprised how accessible Nagano is from Tokyo and Nagoya. We can all take full advantage of Japan’s impeccable road and rail network. 

Located in the heart of Japan, Nagano makes a convenient base to explore many other parts of Japan or you can also make it a side expedition from your main trip. Here are some other famous sightseeing spots that are just a stone throw away from Nagano! 

NHK WORLD Pride – Nagano Alpine Adventure

Our hosts shared with us that the documentary – Nagano Alpine Adventure hopes to bring all its viewers on a journey to the majestic mountain range in Nagano, Matsumoto Castle, Azumino and a mountain village through the eyes of two unexpected guides who are not native to Japan.

First, we have Ashish Shilpkar, from India, who is a resident of Nagano. He takes us to Matsumoto Castle and on a bicycle tour around Azumino.

Our other guide is Cristina Nannini, from Italy, who also calls Nagano home these days. Through the documentary, we travel with her to a mountain village, to learn about the people’s wisdom and way of life. We are all invited to experience their journeys during Nagano’s prime sightseeing season. 

Other Nagano Documentaries Not To Be Missed

Other than Nagano Alpine Adventure, NHK WORLD is also proud to showcase the following documentaries for aspiring travellers who look forward to taking in all that Nagano has to offer:

Japan Railway Journal – HIGH RAIL 1375: The Tourist Train that Touches New Heights

A trip on JR Koumi line’s new tourist train HIGH RAIL 1375 offers grand alpine views and star-filled night skies. Come behind the scenes as we take an in-depth look at the train and its development.

2. CYCLE AROUND JAPAN – NAGANO Life Deep In The Mountains

Australian Paul Salisbury takes on the challenge of a 2,000-meter peak in Nagano Prefecture. The Japan Alps mountain pass provides breathtaking views to inspire him onward and upward.

Off the bike, Paul experiences traditions such as the harvesting of wasabi plants in pristine waters and the making of baskets from wild bamboo.

All in all, he travels 300 kilometres across the verdant ridges and valleys of Nagano, finding new encounters around every bend.

3. J-Trip Plan – Old highways and mountains post town

We travel along Kisoji, one of the old Nakasendo highway routes, and visit the post towns of Magome and Tsumago. And, Japanese horror myths and scary spots will put a chill up your spine.

4. Journeys in Japan – Obuse: Running in Nostalgic Countryside

Marathons are hugely popular in Japan. Every year, hundreds of them take place around the country. But the race held in the town of Obuse, in Nagano Prefecture, is very different.

Photo taken from NHK WORLD

The aim of the Obuse Mini Marathon is not to compete against the clock but for participants to enjoy the hospitality of the local area. There are no major tourist attractions in the town. The runners just move at a relaxed pace through the residential areas and around the surrounding countryside. This event has become famous throughout Japan as the marathon with the largest number of runners in fancy dress.

In this edition of Journeys in Japan, Sabrina Sayin comes to Obuse to take part in the Mini Marathon. She also takes time to explore the town, which still retains many buildings from past centuries – including a temple decorated with a work by one of Japan’s best-known artists, Katsushika Hokusai.

5. DESIGN TALKS plus – Design Hunting in Nagano

Presenters Andy and Shaula go design hunting in Nagano Prefecture, in the heart of Japan’s main island. Unique local designs evolved amid mountains and rich greenery. Explore the crafts of Nagano Prefecture!

How To Watch NHK WORLD

If you are thinking of catching all of the above programmes, you will be thrilled to know that you can watch NHK WORLD on SingtelTV, Starhub Cable or simply on their website and mobile app.

Our lovely hosts also shared with us what they personally loved about Nagano – the culture, its people and their passion for crafts and high-quality fresh food.

Need More Resources For Nagano?

If you need more information to plan your next trip to Nagano, you can visit Go! Nagano (Nagano Official Tourism Guide) or check out their Facebook and Instagram. You can also download the Nagano Navi App to have real time information with you on the go! 

We truly enjoyed the event. Thank you NHK WORLD for the invitation and we look forward to exploring Nagano soon!

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