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Moving out of your parent’s home and starting out on your own can be a challenge. You will soon realise how important it is to have the right location and neighbours for your accommodations. Going after the cheapest route in the short run can mean a plethora of potential problems down the road. So let’s start your journey right by saying no thank you to an apartment and plan for a new townhouse with DDProperty.

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Feels Like a Home

The layout of a home is half of the reason that it looks like a home. If it wasn’t for the fact that a residence has multiple rooms, floors, windows, and general construction that creates separation, then you might as well just live in a single open box. The problem with most apartments is that they truly are just single open boxes, and because oftentimes with apartments construction is to the lowest bidder and to whoever can make something as cheaply (and quickly) as possible. The problem with this is that you don’t feel like you are actually in a home and you don’t feel like you are really even in anything more than a simple square with dividers.

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Because the majority of the reason that people even purchase a home in the first place is simply to get space for privacy, the overall feel and flow of a residence cannot be understated. When you consider all of the different scenarios where you would have to create space in a home, the last thing that you want to deal with is being stuck in a single box where you only have a thin wall protecting you from others. This list can include having guests over and separating space between your personal area and your guests.

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You could find real value in separation if you have roommates; whether they come in the form of actual friends who share in the paying of the rent or in the form of a spouse and children. In either case, however, you can see the benefit of being able to escape upstairs or downstairs and gain some privacy. All of this doesn’t even throw in the fact that sometimes it is nice to create defined spaces. One area is for relaxing and another is for an office, and a third for eating, and etc. If you didn’t want to have defined spaces, then you might as well just have a single room efficiency and keep everything in a square box (or stay in an apartment which is oftentimes just an efficiency with drywall dividers). A new townhouse truly is a great way to gain the full house feel without needing to buy a full home.

Option to Buy

Another major incentive that many people love when it comes to townhouses versus renting a house or an apartment is that you have the option to buy in many cases. If you can build an option to buy into your lease up front, then you already know you could be creating some significant value in a short period of time. Obviously this will not always be the case, but if you already know your plans for the long run then you are able to take care of short term needs and comfort in the present by selecting a great location to live.

The best part is you won’t have to worry about your potential lease and rent going up in as little as a year and you also won’t have to start worrying about moving out in a short period of time either and starting the entire process of searching for a new place all over again.

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Volatility of Neighbors and Property

With the chaos that can typically surround a given area of apartments, you don’t necessarily have to worry. In fact, the chances of you being stuck with a bad neighbor are probably about as equally likely as you being placed next to a good one if you look into living in an apartment. That being said, regardless of who you wind up next to you always have the volatility of rolling the dice in another year anyways. Part of this is simply because of how apartments work.

People move in, they hang around for a while, they don’t commit and then they leave and start the whole process all over again. With a home where you can secure a great location, you not only don’t have to worry about getting stuck with less than ideal neighbors, but you can also minimize the chances of all of that volatility because most times people aren’t going to leave a great location just to look at another great location. The turnover rate with townhouses is minimal because people are committed and plan to stay there for a long time more often than not.

When you also consider the fact that many could be above or below you in a traditional apartment, do you really want to be stuck with someone who is making loud noises all of the night, always has their music on loud, and who won’t just let you relax and do your own thing without being a pain? Even worse than that is what if you have someone who is right on top of you (or below you) and complains that you are making noise?

You obviously need to find a place that makes the most sense for your personal privacy and general living needs. What you need to be sure you are doing, however, is to plan for both the short and the long run. Find the setup that will make the most sense for you now but that also continues to provide the best convenience and the lifestyle that brings comfort and not stress. Hover here for more information.

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