World’s 1st Monopoly Mooncake Street Smart Edition By Mdm Ling

Fast-growing homegrown brand Mdm Ling Bakery is delighted to release the World’s First MONOPOLY Mooncake Street Smart Edition created in partnership with Hasbro this Mid-Autumn. Mdm Ling Bakery is no stranger to the mooncake scene with its entertaining game board sets from Snacks & Ladders, Imperial Chinese Chess to International Chess Mooncake Set. The World’s First MONOPOLY Mooncake Street Smart Edition this year is the first-of-its-kind concept inspired by the most beautiful streets in the world and the iconic mooncake box is sustainably designed to transform instantly into a MONOPOLY game board set.

World’s First Monopoly Mooncake – Hours Of Bonding Fun!

The fun of the game is not limited to rolling good times around the charming streets which are home to some of the most popular cookies and their incredibly amazing ingredients, but also knowing that many earn top spots as Mdm Ling Bakery’s signatures. Players also get to learn the universal definitions of the different streets that are interestingly named after the delicious cookies and their ingredients.

“This collaboration with Hasbro allows us to raise the game this Mid-Autumn as we create the World’s First MONOPOLY Mooncake Street Smart Edition together. MONOPOLY is such a classic game that more than one billion players enjoy across the globe. I grew up playing this and have always enjoyed the game with my family and friends till this day. In the spirit of the mid-autumn season that is well-celebrated with family and friends, there is nothing better than having the opportunity to instill the values of unity and bonding that we cherish at Mdm Ling Bakery into gameplay. The simple rule of the game is while we are on the road to chasing our dreams and building a sustainable livelihood, let’s also remember to build strong relationships with our family and friends.” quipped Evelyn Lim, co-founder of Mdm Ling Bakery.

“We are excited to offer MONOPOLY fans yet another interesting way to engage with and experience the brand. The premium MONOPOLY x Mdm Ling Bakery collection of innovative mooncake flavours celebrates the spirit of the iconic game and can be enjoyed by fans of all ages,” said Joanna White – Head of Promotions & Partnerships APAC, Hasbro.

The MONOPOLY X Mdm Ling Bakery board game set features a crowd-pleasing selection of four mooncake series – LAVALICIOUS! Signature Series, DESSERTLICIOUS! Nostalgic Series, YUMMYLICIOUS! Cookie-Inspired Series and LUSCIOUS! Traditional Classic Series. Priced at $118 per box. 

World’s First Monopoly Mooncake – LAVALICIOUS! Signature Series (halal, vegetarian)

This is one lavalicious series for Instagram while you take your taste buds around the world. Let it flow, let it flow!
1. Japanese Matcha Green Tea Mooncake
2. Nanyang Coffee Caramel Mooncake
3. Hong Kong Salted Egg Yolk Custard Mooncake
4. Belgian-Italian Chocolate Hazelnut Mooncake

World’s First Monopoly Mooncake – DESSERTLICIOUS! Nostalgic Series – NEW!

There’s always a good dessert after Chinese food. How about having traditional Chinese desserts in our mooncakes? Evoke happy, nostalgic emotions with our renditions of mooncakes inspired by Chinese desserts today, especially if you miss China!
1. Orange Peel Red Bean Mooncake
2. Longan Dan Feng Tea Mooncake
3. Osmanthus Goji Berries Mooncake
4. Peanut Sesame Paste Mooncake

World’s First Monopoly Mooncake – YUMMYLICIOUS! Cookie-Inspired Series

Mdm Ling Bakery is known for its signature cookies that are well-loved by the young and young-at-heart alike. How about having your mooncakes inspired by your favourite cookies? 

1. Salted Mung Bean Mooncake
2. Japanese Purple Sweet Potato Mooncake
3. Cranberry Florentine Assorted Nuts Mooncake – NEW!
4. Savoury Chicken Floss Mooncake -NEW!

World’s First Monopoly Mooncake – LUSCIOUS!Traditional Classic Series (halal, vegetarian)

For the traditionalists, you’ll fall in love with Mdm Ling Bakery’s classic pure white lotus mooncake series. Made with a low sugar recipe, the smooth white lotus is mildly sweet and yet tastes earthy with the crunch of melon seeds and/or salted yolk. 

1.Traditional Pure White Lotus Mooncake with Melon Seeds
2.Traditional Pure White Lotus Mooncake with Melon Seeds (and Salted Yolk)

World’s First Monopoly Mooncake – LAPIS-LICIOUS! Floral Artistry Series

The exquisitely handcrafted edible flowers embellishing the artisanal kueh lapis mooncakes strikes a luscious balance to the multi-layered goodness within the insta-worthy creation. The dominant flavour is infused within the kueh lapis layers and paired with another matching flavour. 

1.Belgium Chocolate Kueh Lapis Mooncake
2.Coffee Tiramisu Kueh Lapis Mooncake
3.Signature Original Kueh Lapis Mooncake
4.Fragrant Pandan Kueh Lapis Mooncake

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