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Mondrian Hong Kong: Elevated Design Inspired By People

Mondrian Hong Kong’s visually striking, innovative and iconic design is inspired. By people. People, like design luminary Karin Krautgartner of byKK Design, and an eclectic selection of inspirational local and international artists who are pushing the boundaries of creativity and imagination.

The hotel’s design lead, Krautgartner ,was inspired by the captivating architecture, breathtaking views unique location of the property in relation to its surrounding water, a recurring feature in the hotel, as well as the rich history of Hong Kong’s lively fishing villages and the renowned tailors who ply their trade in the hotel’s vibrant Tsim Sha Tsui neighbourhood. All this was then interpreted as part of the Mondrian Brand’s positioning being a modern cultural fairytale, sleek & sculptural and an oversized imagination.

Mondrian Hong Kong’s distinctive triangular windows with sweeping harbour and island skyline views formed the concept of each room as a private lookout, offering inspirational vistas and in- tensely personal connections with Hong Kong.

“It is like standing on the bow of a ship and looking out at Victoria Harbour or Tsim Sha Tsui’s unique Neighbourhood,” says Krautgartner. “You can relax and witness the ever-changing elements of the city outside from the comfort of your own cocoon. Every moment of the day or night, sun or rain, is magical in a city like Hong Kong. You’re immersed in the spectacle, the vibrant life of the harbour, the neon wonderland beyond and the mountains framing the scene.”

Krautgartner says the precinct’s exhilarating mix of old and new provided a rich vein of inspiration. The people who really inspired her were Tsim Sha Tsui’s famous tailors, with their sumptuous walls of fabrics, secret techniques and mysterious boxes full of needles, threads, buttons and chalk.

This bespoke culture flows through all of the hotel’s guest rooms and suites; from the geometric perfection of the “curated wall”, inspired by sewing boxes and full of objets d’art and little treasures, to the minibar, concealed in a mirrored pedestal, with a black sewing box on top concealing snacks and amenities.

The theme even continues into the lush bathrooms, clad in exquisite Ceppo di Gres tiles inspired by the pebbled beaches of Hong Kong’s outer islands. Here, the featured piece is an oversized two-piece mirror, stitched together with illuminated optic fibre ‘thread’.

Mondrian Hong Kong – Sensory Arrival & Magical Journey

You can step from Kowloon’s kinetic chaos into the sanctuary of the Lobby, with soaring ceilings and a stunning showpiece glass mosaic of a magical underwater dancers, based on the photography of Christy Lee Rogers. This is a transitional space where you can immediately dive into the world of Mondrian, entering an oversized portal under an arch, where a showstopping glass chandelier is alive with water bubbles.

The fairytale engravings found the corridors, depicting a plethora of fantastical, chimerical underwater creatures, are inspired by Hong Kong’s surrounding water, and the city’s origin as a fishing village and its magical evolution. The lifts with multiple mirrors placed in a triangular formation conjure thoughts of the game ‘Tangram’, a Chinese invention and widely played throughout Hong Kong.

On the 38th floor , AVOCA (which means the meeting of water) is colourful, eclectic, and theatrical. Here, the ‘lookout’ theme is carried to its logical conclusion, with highlights including a DJ desk that seems to float in mid-air, video installations, bold black and white flooring, sumptuous curtains, and murals by cutting-edge local street artists, glass and light art, and spectacular mirrored walls. Simple Bao, a self-taught artist born and bred in Hong Kong specializes in freestyle murals and illustrations. Her stunning piece for MONDRIAN HONG KONG features a water goddess-like figure intertwined with elements from the Hong Kong skyline, reflecting the imperfect beauty of water. And local visionary Wong Ting Fung has created a large scale black and white mural interpreting the views and neigh- bourhood surrounding the hotel

And renowned local designer Joyce Wang has lent her creative touch to the interiors of Carna, the hotel’s flagship contemporary Italian steakhouse helmed by the ‘world’s greatest butcher,’ Dario Cec- chini, with a nose-to-tail concept. Wang’s vision has resulted in a celestial setting that exudes a truly distinctive ambiance. From the elegant marbled ceilings to the opulent curtains and the innovative utilization of lamp-light, every element is thoughtfully crafted to perfectly complement the cuisine and transport diners to a realm of pure ecstasy.

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