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Melbourne Airport Parking Tips During Covid-19

Travelling can be a real challenge, and this is particularly true for passengers using public transport. Nonetheless, there are various aspects to consider, and one is the safety of your car. If travelling to other countries, bringing your vehicle to the airport is quite convenient. You won’t have to bother about bulky luggage since the Melbourne Airport parking facilities will sort your parking issues. They will also secure your vehicle until you come back.

What are the benefits of airport parking?

With the COVID 19 pandemic, getting ample parking is a challenge. Most companies have since closed down; only a few are operational. However, Melbourne airport parking and Tullamarine airport parking opens throughout offering clients the opportunity to park vehicles no matter the time of the day. Airport parking has numerous perks.

Lower costs

No matter the type of luggage, you won’t have to spend more hiring a taxi. It also saves you the trouble of pulling bulky bags to and from the terminal. With airport parking, it’s easy to make reservations, and you can always book online and take advantage of the available offers.

Varied parking options

Most airport parking providers offer a variety of parking options. Also, you can always access parking records online; these are, for instance, the parking spot as well and the condition of your vehicle.

Saves time

Once you return, this saves you a lot of time that you’d spend searching for your car on many floors and rows. Moreover, airport parking is secure and saves a lot of money. You’ll only be required to bring in your vehicle, and you won’t need to acquire train or coach tickets if travelling with loved ones.

Here are Melbourne Airport Parking tips during the Covid-19 period:

1. Book early

Early booking saves a lot of trouble. It enables you to save some dollars and forget about taxi hassles. Otherwise, you may turn up at the airport and find that there’s no free space available. Moreover, you may end up paying more or not get the right parking slot if you don’t make reservations.

2. Get a quote online

Online bookings are an excellent way of curbing the spread of the virus. To avoid congestion at the parking lot, get a quote and a rate calculator from the company’s website. The calculator helps in planning and will help you determine what you expect to pay. It also gives you time to search for other options if you deem the rates costly.

3. Set enough check-in time

Booking a parking space at the airport can take time. Allow yourself enough room to get into the terminal and also check-in. Plan and organize everything in advance to avoid the last-minute rush. You’re likely to make mistakes, and worse still, forget your luggage when in a hurry. Most travelers plan to check-in when they get into the airport, which can be stressful.

4. Keep off valuables

Most of Melbourne airport parking spaces are safe. You’ll get your vehicle in excellent condition no matter how long you’re gone. But leaving valuable items in the car will catch the eye of any thief and entice them to break into your vehicle.

Take off all valuables, or leave them at home if you won’t need them during the trip. The Covid-9 pandemic has significantly affected the economy, and you don’t want to lose anything during this time. Also, keep other items out of sight. These include duffel bags, blankets, coat on the driver’s seat, and more.

5. Go for a high-traffic parking space.

With the COVID 19 pandemic, most people are in isolation, and there’s minimal movement on the roads. Your car is more susceptible to thieves if you park in a place where others can’t see it. Park with the trunk facing out. This way, your vehicle will also be and unlikely to get targeted by thieves.

Moreover, roll up the windows, lock all the doors, and look for bright and well-lit areas. Avoid narrow lanes and don’t park under trees or ensure that the tree can withstand harsh weather, including storm and wind.

6. Park & Ride

The park and ride service involves parking at the airport grounds and then catching a shuttle bus to the terminal. Some of the leading parking companies offer shuttle services at all times of the day. They run at regular intervals, and you won’t wait for long for transfers. They usually are fitted with security cameras and are very secure. What’s more? The buses are well maintained and charge lower costs as compared to taxis.

7. Take advantage of promotions & Discounts.

Most Melbourne parking companies have various offers to car owners. Be on the lookout for many offers and discounts on airport parking services. How do I know about these? Subscribe to newsletters and e-mails to get information on all the available deals. You’ll likely get many offers if traveling during peak hours, which will save you some bucks.

8. Make price comparisons

All parking lots offer parking services at varying costs. Booking the first one that you come across online will likely be costly, and it’s prudent to research and compare prices between different parking companies.


You can also take advantage of comparison sites. They gather information on different parking offers and rank their services and prices. A perfect example is Parkos. It will help you compare parking costs enabling you to choose the most appropriate provider. By so doing, you’ll save a lot of money on your parking budget.

9. Use cashless payment methods.

With the increasing Covid-19 cases, governments call on citizens to minimize the use of cash in business transactions. Although some parking machines accept cash, it’s advisable to use your credit card to make payments. The process is simple and straightforward. All you need is to present your parking ticket to a cashier and pay at automated machines using your credit card.

Final thoughts

Airport parking comes in handy if travelling with heavy luggage or in the company of loved ones. It will save on the hassle of hiring a taxi to and from the terminal. It’ also very convenient and offers a lot of peace. Besides, no one loves getting stressed during travel, and airport parking will ease your burdens that come with air travel.

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